Life/spiritual Coaching
Life/spiritual Coaching
Ask Emma
Ask Emma

Emanuelle is fully booked for personal readings for 2018 and is no longer taking any new appointments at this time. She will reopen her schedule for personal readings for 2019 on September 3rd 2018.

Life/spiritual life coaching sessions are still available!

Emanuelle and Gerald's Services
Please always make an appointment before making a payment!


All services take place in Belgium time.

Emanuelle will contact you at the time of the scheduled appointment.
Please add her to your Skype contacts : gerald.m7
By making an appointment you are confirming your agreement to the terms and policies of this website.


Please know payment is required 7 business days prior to your appointment date. If payment is not received 7 business days prior to your appointment you forfeit your appointment slot.
(No reminders will be send out to remind you of the payment so make your payment in time!)

International Payments can only be made by paypal on the website.v
European Payments can also be made by bank transfer (Please contact us first should you choose this payment method)


If you need to cancel or change your appointment, this needs to be done at least 7 business days before the reading date or no refund will be issued. If your appointment is missed and you do not call in for your confirmed appointment or you are not properly prepared and miss your session time, no refund will be issued.
If Emanuelle cannot reach you, for whatever reason within the first 15 minutes of the session, the session will be missed and no refund will be issued. A cancellation fee will be issued of 30 euro with any cancellation that is not rescheduled.

More Information

We regret any last minute changes or cancellations that that may occur in appointment dates or prices.
If we do need to reschedule a session at the last minute, you will be booked into the next available appointment spot.
Prices can be adjusted at any time without notice!
Emanuelle does not control who comes through during a session, or what messages will be delivered.
Each client is responsible for coming to the session with an open mind, and to be open to receiving the information being presented.
 The information given during a session should NOT be substituted for any professional medical, legal, financial or psychiatric advice or guidance. 

All information is subject to the service recipient’s interpretation.
Each person acts on their own free will.
Emanuelle and Gerald are not liable regarding any action or non-action taken by the client in reference to the information presented during the session.

Emanuelle is fully booked for 2018 and is not taking any more appointments at this time. She will reopen her schedule for 2019 in July 2018.
Connect with your departed loved ones, spiritual team and my spiritual teacher/guide Erik Medhus from the internationally know website through a private 1 hour reading with Emanuelle. During the readings the spiritual world can bring forth messages of guidance, healing, and understanding. Please note that spirits cannot predict your future as your future depends 100% on your free will and on the energy you send out however they will assist and help you in understanding and work with you to learn how to see and handle the complex problems, relationships and situations that are currently surrounding you.
Readings can take place using Skype, Facebook, E-mail  or phone. 

Emanuelle charges 125 Euro's for a 1 hour private reading and 250 Euro's for an emergency spot. There is a 30 Euro additional fee for every extra person joining the session. 

       Ask Emma
Ask one personal question. You will receive your answer through the monthly  YouTube videos or by email,
so don't forget to tune in!

Please note that the questions are on a first come first serve basis
which means that if your question is not answered that month then it will be passed on to the following month and so on.
Please email your question after making a payment to the following email address:

• price 10 euro for one question.
• please only one question per person so everyone can have an opportunity to ask a question.
Please make sure you email your question because
No refunds will be issued.

 Energy Healing 



Energetic healing facilitates the healing process by clearing blockages in the energy field, balancing and realigning your Chakra's so that the body and mind return in their natural state  of balance from and restore the bodies natural ability to heal itself. Energy healing is used to modify and manipulate the flow of energy within the body. The intent is to realign, replenish or stabilize the amount  and the quality of energy within the human body. Trauma, emotional and mental stress, false belief systems, physical distress, environment stress, and other blocks to our personal growth can be stored in the energy fields of our bodies, impacting our ability to function at our full potential. Energetic healing can also help identify “issues” before they manifest as pain or similar distortions in the physical body. It opens our consciousness to the areas we need to work through and heal in order to bring our lives into balance and maintain health, harmony and vitality.


           A 1 hour energetic healing session with Gerald McIntosh in person or over Skype costs 60 euro's.

   Life and Spiritual Coaching Class

In this class Emanuelle does not channel spirit but uses her intuitive connection with source to provide you  information to foster your spiritual growth and reach a happier more fulfilling life style. You can ask questions about personal or spiritual growth and development.  She will give you insight and tips on how to establish a more peaceful, balanced and happier lifestyle and can help you with the information you need to develop and grow in your spiritual connection.


A 1 hour session costs 60 Euro

Customers reviews

My reading with Emanuelle
I had a great session with the beautiful soul Emanuelle is !! I can say she really wants to help, and has a profound grasp on human nature, and how to bring our loved ones messages home in a very constructive way. And also having Eric helping in his forever ( lol !! ) joyful way, was pure delight !! All I can say is I would not hesitate to have other sessions with her. Kudos to you, Emanuelle, for having chosen to follow your heart and help your sisters and brothers through the awakening humanity is experiencing !! Much appreciated !! Antony

Emanuelle, our meeting was no coincidence .. your card reading has answered questions, cleared lots of things that i didn't understand and brought many positive emotions ... each meditation with you give me the peace I need in the difficult period that I am now experiencing. Thank you ! God bless you . Crina Negru from Belgium

My reading
Hello From San Diego..I was fortunate to get a reading last spring with the beautiful Channeler Emma..I have had many readings through my 59 years of metaphysical studies and this reading changed my life in so many ways.. all my Erik readings have been fantastic, but this one was different, I received many names from spirit,which is highly unusual,and difficult to do..from my mom,dad,grandmother & from long lost relatives I hadnt thought of for years and years..I gained new insight that I have never had before through many mediums,psychics,and readers,,I highly recommend Emma and the cost although has gone up (a wee bit ) is EXTREMELY affordable & is well worth the wait and money ..She is such a pure medium and channel.. and now I understand that due to free will, we are just guided towards our truth and the helpers assigned to us will appear, if we allow !! thank you Emma, Erik, CE family..Stay Blessed always love on my end, Julie Raymos from California

I had the most amazing reading with Emanuelle Yesterday..... she is truly a one of a kind person who is gifted, honest, and extremely credible. I was amazed by the whole experience. So glad we have her to bridge the gap between this world and the next for us! Ann Quillin Partin From Florida

Genuine Jewel
Emanuelle is very gifted, sweet and genuine spirit. By the end of the session I felt so much more at peace. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to experience this reading. And thank you Erik! Linda Gaiser

Amazing Reading
I am so grateful to Emanuelle and Erik, for bringing my spirit family through to me. My life is changed forever by the love, advice and validation that they gave me. The understanding and sensitivity Emanuelle brings to a reading is pure kindness. Thank you, Emanuelle! Renee Ruggles

Full of energy
My session with Emma was great and helpful. I could talk to my Love ones and my higher self thru her. The messages she gave was so clear and accurate. Thank you for your guide on how to meditate and bring happiness back to my life again :) June from Sweden

Just finished up with my first reading and I must say I am very pleased. She is the real deal! There is absolutely no way at all that she could have known all that she did. I wrote down 5 questions yesterday that I really wanted answers to and she answered every single one without me ever even having to ask! Erik even popped in!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH, EMANUELLE! Amanda Cantu

My reading with Emanuelle was amazing.talked to my father in law who passed when my husband was 12. Talked about my past life in the 1800' was second time I'd heard about my life in a carnival...loved it! Wendy Davies

Reading Review
Many thanks again for the reading yesterday Emanuelle EnGerald it was filled with unexpected surprises ,beautiful validations and gives me a huge sense of hope, gratitude and awestruck wonder at how we are so provided for by our our God, ancestors,angels, the Masters and Guides that carry, assist us and continue to watch over our loved ones and listen to our hearts in a way that is so holy and pure. Julie Raymos California

Emanuelle, you have been most helpful and understanding in helping me find some inner peace and clarity. Your efforts and your energy were a total surprise to me and I have found a lot of comfort in your help. Surely, I will call upon your services again in the near future. I look forward to it already. Jan Note from Belgium

Wonderfull reading
Thank you so much for a wonderful awesome reading!!! You are helping people connect with the spirit world. I am super grateful for your time. You are awesome! Jeanette Carr Texas USA

I would like to thank Emanuelle for her mediumship, it had organized a lot of confusion for me. She was precise about my personal life, which would be difficult to assume unless you had known me for years. I will be requesting her services again. Elizabeth Midiri

Beautiful Soul
I have just had my 4th reading with Emanuelle. She really is the most beautiful and generous soul. Her readings are so accurate and poignant to my needs. I would never have achieved where I am in in my spiritual journey without her. Along with my spiritual team, including Erik, she is my rock and support. I will always be eternally grateful to her, she has opened my eyes, mind and heart to the true meaning of my life. Love Amanda Cameron from the UK

Lifechanging reading
Emanuelle managed to answer questions I have been wondering about for 30 years in under an hour flat! Highly recommended. I finally know why I am here and what I am meant to learn. Incredible experience and just like talking to a friend. Well recommended. Sîan Day from the UK

Emanuelle is a clear conduit of our non-physical beings.. I appreciate that she is authentic in her work. All she does is in alignment with love and growth.. I have true pure gratitude for people who work this way and not through ego basis. Thank you Emanuelle for sharing your Abilities with us. megan covignton

Emanuelle is an amazing medium who presents information is just the perfect way to allow you to learn and grow while also healing. She is sweet and kind. She delivers "odd" messages that make no sense to her but gives full validation to the receiver. She was spot on with names for all 4 people she brought forward from the other side. What a blessing she is! Thanks Emanuelle. Ruth Salopek

You have a gift and a generous spirit. It just would not feel right if I didn't tell you how much I appreciated you sharing this gift with us. I knew I was in for a wonderful morning and it was!! Oh, and of course, Erik too. Thank you, Erik! Lots of love. Warmest regards, Erin B

My ask erik question

Hi Emma this is Maureen K and I just heard my question answered. I am so excited and blown away that Erik was so accurate, especially about the music answer. Thank you thank you thank you Emma and Erik. You guys made my day. Sorry for pestering you awhile back about when this ask Erik would be posted. I am so grateful to you two. Much love and light Maureen K

Many thanks again for the reading yesterday Emanuelle, it was filled with unexpected surprises ,beautiful validations and gives me a huge sense of hope, gratitude and awestruck wonder at how we are so provided for by our our God, ancestors,angels, the Masters and Guides that carry, assist us and continue to watch over our loved ones and listen to our hearts in a way that is so holy and pure. Love Julie Raymos from California

Sunday, October 1, 2017 “I have had a number of readings with Emanuelle, and she does a superb translation. Our sessions are conversations with a friend of mine who crossed over 40 years ago. Our sessions are natural, conversational, fun, insightful, and authentic. She's easy to talk with and what I like is that I don't feel like it is a business transaction that is formal and stilted. Thanks a million, Emma! You are a gift to us all!” Mary Fong from California

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