Julie W.
2 readings
Emma is astonishing in her gift. I have had two readings with her and she is the most talented Medium in the world today. In my last reading, I never even had to ask my questions (written on a list beside me). Emma already knew. I love the fast pace of Emma's readings (now I understand why she delivers/speaks so fast) which I absolutely love - so much valuable/enlightening content. If you can get on Emma's schedule for a reading, DO IT. I feel utterly blessed to have had my two readings with her. So very precious and important to me.

Leslie S.

Emanuelle is amazing! Highly recommend a reading

Michelle A.                     

"Spiritualize the intellectual instead of intellectualize the spiritual..."Makes a world of sense for someone who reads, studies, takes classes but sucks at putting the amassed info into practice! 😂 Noted! So much praise and heartfelt thanks to Emanuelle McIntosh and the charming Erik for bringing clarity to me and much NEEDED peace to my weatherman. I love you guys.  

Leslie M.                          
Beautiful reading

Thank you for a beautiful reading. It was just what I needed.

Ask Emma Question

Emanuelle I have just listened to you answering my January question ( 2nd one in) about my mother in law Doreen.  I openly admit that at first I felt it sounded quite general, although she was indeed a mother hen. BUT nailed it girl!

You then said that when she came home, someone named Neil really comforted her and guided her to reconnect with her true essence.

Emma, Neil was the name of her second born who was born with brain damage back in the 1950’s and died when he was approx 2 yrs old! I am now married to his older brother.No one has ever picked up on Neil before, and it isn’t such a common name for you to randomly pick, so I am 100% sure that it was Doreen connecting with you. I will now try to see signs of her communicating with us! My husband, Neil’s brother who was only a few years old when Neil passed, was also amazed.THANK YOU, thank you Emma! Much love to you

Elena Bakova                     

I loved my reading last week. I drafted few questions in the last hour nefore the session and i didnt get to ask them yet i had so many answered and more. A lot of guidance came through and i really appreciate it. Still processing. I still remember another post of a lady sharing how much Emma told her about her relatives on the other side. I was clear with myself i didnt need that. I needed guidance and it still amazes me thinking back how that is exactly what happened. Just awesome.

Ken Funte                              

Hi Emma,Thank you for the great reading yesterday. The information couldn't have been more timely and it was great to hear from my spiritual team again. Since my first reading with you, I've been impressed and have never failed to grow as a person and gain insight and wisdom from the experience, so I look forward to them as if the holidays are rolled up into one hour. You were very kind to extend past the hour, but even so time went so fast that the session seamed to last maybe fifteen minutes at most. I will do my best to put the information I received to good use.With Much Gratitude, Ken Funte                                 


I've had numerous mediumship readings, but none have matched Enma's in accuracy. She named everyone of my deceased relatives and described their personalities accurately. The messages were profound, deeply healing, and life changing. She is the very best medium I know, and she is so humble about her gift. She treats everyone like family. I adore her!

Anne-Marie Marynycz 

Emanuelle is one of the kindest and compassionate translators that I know of and is also one of the loveliest and happiest human beings I have the pleasure of knowing . Love her and love her work . Blessings always from me ️


Emma is a beautiful soul and a very talented translator. She is accurate and clear when it comes to her readings. Moreover she gives amazing information and spiritual/ psychological insights! I admire her positive attitude and her kindness!

Patty O. 

Emma is wonderful. The best reading of my life was with her. She came up with names she had no way of knowing. I highly recommend her!

Patty B. 
Life coaching session

I had a life coaching session with Emma yesterday, and I don't know how, but she knew everything going on in my life just from my energy. It was amazing. I got a lot of clarity and the changes I need to make in my life and feel 100% lighter today and excited about the future. Thank you Emma!!!


Hello Everyone! I just had a reading with Emma, my 1st ever, I waited for a year and it was worth it, divine timing, don't knock it! She told me about my Team of 4 Angels & Guides. They told me what I needed to hear and life can be more magical as long as I'm Co creating. I have free will. My Daddy came thru and she described him down to the smile and goatee. We are kindred he and I, and when he made the transition a piece of my heart went away with him. He's making me claim it back...OK Daddy! Emma couldn't know about Father's day & my birthday. It was our father daughter time. He said to set a place for him and me this year! YAY! She got Michelle & Michael, they were my 1st Twin Cousins. Christine was my friend that transitioned Xmas this past year, so glad for the hugs and kisses! Miss her very much. So glad she's happy. Erik is around me and I know when! Yay I AM INTUITIVE! So much more but Emma thank you from the bottom of my heart. Hugs kisses thank you...thank you...thank you. I'll do it again, you know how unique my family not stepford. Lol Muah!

Sheromie V 
Kind and accurate

Emma did a reading for me in Oct 2016. She is sweet with a light spirit. She spoke to a number of people for me and accurately depicted their idiosyncrasies. She was informative and healing. Thank you for your help to me and others.

Andrea Meyskens 
My reading

I had a very good reading with Emma! she told me things she could not know from other sources. She helps to gain insights. I highly recommend!

Debi Kandrot

I just had my first reading with the Great Emanuelle McIntosh via Skype on Friday and my life will never be the same ️

Katie Coppler
Life coaching session

I had another amazing life coaching session with Emma yesterday. I highly recommend signing up for one if you haven t done so. It helps me to get my bearings for the next few months and then I ll have another one. My life is finding a new and wonderful groove. Woohoo!

Kerry Powell

I can only speak for my experience with Emma. The first time she and I spoke, she told me that Jesse was with her. I racked my brain trying to figure out who Jesse was Then I realized that it was my step grandmother s mom who passed away when I was six. She also brought through, by name, my uncle and my husband s Grand father, (who passed away before my husband was born). I was giddy! There was absolutely no way she could have known these things!!!

 Laurie T 

Emma, thank you for the spiritual reading, it was exactly what I needed to hear ️

my ask emma question

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for what you do. I sent a question in this month and it is the first time I have had an experience with a medium or spirit. You described my mum perfectly and left me with no doubt that it was her you were communicating with. I am still trying to process this realisation but thank you for being strong enough to use the gifts you have to help others.

my ask emma question

Emma i just found my question! can't believe that Erik said Hi to me, and you pronunced my name correct. unbelieveble i am so gratefull! thank you so much!

Gail Magid Swartz 

Emma is caring, authentic and truthful as well as VERY TALENTED in her field. I trust her and SHE IS THE REAL DEAL

Anna Andreoni 

Emma is one of the best chanelers I have come across globally. She has integrity is genuine in her delivery and sincere in her care for humanity. Its very obvious to me that she has a very close connection to Source. Well done Emma for being brave. Thank you

Serena Magick 

I think Emma is the most amazing medium I have ever seen. she is compassionate and caring... she speaks to people who have crossed over just like they were still here and sitting by her side... Love her!

Ana Ribamaris 

I think she is absolutely excellent; very precise and honest. A sunny and positive personality.

Julie Wilson 

I had the most incredible reading of my life with Emma. She brought through family and beloved neighbors and knew all of their names (including one still living neighbor's wife name!!). Emma is articulate and her speed-of-delivery is excellent; jam packed full of information/communication. I am no stranger to medium readings and Emma delivers two or three times the amount of information compared to other vetted, known mediums. I don't think many mediums can compete with Emma's gift, her intelligence and her keen sensibility. I feel very, very blessed to have had a session with her. Julie

Maureen K 

Hi Emma this is Maureen K and I just heard my question answered. I am so excited and blown away that Erik was so accurate, especially about the music answer. Thank you thank you thank you Emma and Erik. You guys made my day. Sorry for pestering you awhile back about when this ask Erik would be posted. I am so grateful to you two. Much love and light Maureen K

great reading

hello i had an hour reading with emma and it was great, i even got to talk to erik, this lady is so good and make, you feel comfortable love her and erik

Julie Raymos 

Hello From San Diego..I was fortunate to get a reading last spring with the beautiful Channeler Emma..I have had many readings through my 59 years of metaphysical studies and this reading changed my life in so many ways.. all my Erik readings have been fantastic, but this one was different, I received many names from spirit,which is highly unusual,and difficult to do..from my mom,dad,grandmother & from long lost relatives I hadnt thought of for years and years..I gained new insight that I have never had before through many mediums,psychics,and readers,,I highly recommend Emma and the cost although has gone up (a wee bit ) is EXTREMELY affordable & is well worth the wait and money ..She is such a pure medium and channel.. and now I understand that due to free will, we are just guided towards our truth and the helpers assigned to us will appear, if we allow !! thank you Emma, Erik, CE family..Stay Blessed always love on my end, Julie

Rhonda L 
My ask emma question oct.2018

Oh, Emma. I am sitting here BAWLING. My daughter Bobbi definitely came through as herself- I knew it from the start because she HATED being called Bobbi- her name WAS Barbara, and she preferred that. And you got it spot on with the Stewie character going "" That used to be one of her ringtones on her cell phone. AND I KNOW SHE IS STILL HER SILLY SWEET SELF NOW! Thank you so so very much. You validated so much for me- I know she will be waiting for me now. I love you so much Emma, thank you.


amazing 5/5 Emma: Our session on Monday 8/28 was life changing for me. Thank you for the gift of you and your willingness to share and help others. Thank you Erik. At the end of our session a man named Anthony asked me to deliver a message to his family. He is my Uncle and I did indeed deliver his message. His family was so grateful. What I didn't know was that Aug 28th was his birthday !!!!!

Erin B 

You have a gift and a generous spirit. It just would not feel right if I didn't tell you how much I appreciated you sharing this gift with us. I knew I was in for a wonderful morning and it was!! Oh, and of course, Erik too. Thank you, Erik! Lots of love. Warmest regards, Erin

Ruth Salopek 

Emanuelle is an amazing medium who presents information is just the perfect way to allow you to learn and grow while also healing. She is sweet and kind. She delivers "odd" messages that make no sense to her but gives full validation to the receiver. She was spot on with names for all 4 people she brought forward from the other side. What a blessing she is! Thanks Emanuelle.

Marilyn JoKo 
Intermediate Mediumship Class

Dear Emma, I was watching the Learn It Live Intermediate Mediumship course from December 2017 last night. It was so very helpful, so very on point, and I loved how you were channeling Spirit real time during the session. It was also interesting that when Erik stepped closer, your voice became so distorted . At one point your voice was (briefly) slowed down so much that it sounded like the clicks that dolphins make! Thank you for all that you do, share, and give. I am registered for the March Mediumship class as well. Namaste, Marilyn

Carla B 
Thank you

Hi Emma, The reading this morning was wonderful! I'm still reading from some of the information.

Megan Covington 
My session with Emma

Megan Covington 5/5 Emanuelle is a clear conduit of our non-physical beings.. I appreciate that she is authentic in her work. All she does is in alignment with love and growth.. I have true pure gratitude for people who work this way and not through ego basis. Thank you Emanuelle for sharing your Abilities with us.


Hi everyone! I just had the most fun and amazing medium session with Emanuelle McIntosh. She mentioned the names of seven family members and friends with whom I wished to connect or about whom I was concerned. Several of them have passed and are not listed on my Facebook page as friends. Emma provided accurate information about my life as well as my life mission. Erik was there as well and offered excellent advice. I am so grateful that Emma has chosen to share her ability with us. I am elated and will treasure this experience for the rest of my life. Thanks and love to Emma, Erik, Gerald, and everyone else who met with us.

My reading

thank you so much for the reading yesterday! It was an amazing experience. You were really able to channel the "feel" of my sister in a very clear and light way, and by light I mean how positive and fun-loving her communication felt. I was astounded by you calling 6 of my family members by name! The wisdom that was shared is already life-changing for me. You are truly gifted and truly a gift!


Dear Emma, You are beyond extraordinary! I am still reeling ... on one hand just stunned at all the names you mentioned of folks very close and quite distant to my life. I'm still trying to process that magic and majesty of our time together. I am just very, very moved.I love your style of reading. Honestly, I had not given a lot of thought to specific questions and was hoping for a relaxed, organic unfolding. You gave me that in spades and I loved every single second of the reading. I came away with a huge, unexpected gift and that was all the guidance I was given. I love homework (always have done) and being given wisdom directly from Raphael, Laura and my family is an incredible blessing.

Melisa Larkin 

Thank you so much Emmanuelle for a fantastic session.


Hi Emanuelle,I had a two-hour session with you on October 14 of this year. I just wanted to thank you again for all that you brought through from my archangels and relatives. I have had many other sessions before yours, even one with George Anderson, who as you may know is considered one of the world's best mediums. I want you to know, however, that as far as I am concerned, absolutely no one has ever even come close to your ability. The reason I picked you over other CE mediums is because I could see your ability as a medium was so much better than all other previous mediums on CE, and I could sense your honesty.

Sian day 

Lifechanging reading 5/5 Emanuelle managed to answer questions I have been wondering about for 30 years in under an hour flat! Highly recommended. I finally know why I am here and what I am meant to learn. Incredible experience and just like talking to a friend. Well recommended. Sîan Day from the UK

Susan B 

Emma, I just wanted to thank you so so much for my reading yesterday I have shared the video with my family and they all say what a gift you have and that my reading was a blessing to us all Bye for now Susan

Leilani L 
discover your true life path class 2

In this session, Emma explains how to rid yourself of the victim-mentality way of thinking. Even if you THINK you don't operate in that mode of thinking, chances are high you've done it somewhere, at some point, along the way. Learn how to change that way of thinking and not get sucked into it again - or get trapped into other people's drama. GREAT CLASS! Again, this is something everyone can learn from

Elizabeth Midiri 
Thank you

I would like to thank Emanuelle for her mediumship, it had organized a lot of confusion for me. She was precise about my personal life, which would be difficult to assume unless you had known me for years. I will be requesting her services again. Elizabeth Midiri

Janette Carr 
Awesome Reading

Thank you so much for a wonderful awesome reading!!! You are helping people connect with the spirit world. I am super grateful for your time. You are awesome! Jeanette Texas USA

Jan Note 

Emanuelle, you have been most helpful and understanding in helping me find some inner peace and clarity. Your efforts and your energy were a total surprise to me and I have found a lot of comfort in your help. Surely, I will call upon your services again in the near future. I look forward to it already. Jan from Belgium

Julie Raymos 

Many thanks again for the reading yesterday Emanuelle it was filled with unexpected surprises ,beautiful validations and gives me a huge sense of hope, gratitude and awestruck wonder at how we are so provided for by our our God, ancestors,angels, the Masters and Guides that carry, assist us and continue to watch over our loved ones and listen to our hearts in a way that is so holy and pure. Julie Raymos California


Loved the reading I had with you on Monday. Thank you very much! It was so awesome and i am still just processing all of the information :) Your ability to connect is freaking amazing. Much love and I wish you the best into 2018


Hi Emanuelle,I had a two-hour session with you on October 14 of this year. I just wanted to thank you again for all that you brought through from my archangels and relatives. I have had many other sessions before yours, even one with George Anderson, who as you may know is considered one of the world's best mediums. I want you to know, however, that as far as I am concerned, absolutely no one has ever even come close to your ability. The reason I picked you over other CE mediums is because I could see your ability as a medium was so much better than all other previous mediums on CE, and I could sense your honesty.

Leilani L 
Discover your tue life path class 3

Each time I take a class with Emma, I learn something new! In this class about manifesting, I learned a LOT of new things. The most important thing I learned is that I truly am the master of my own destiny. I'm the author and the publisher of my own story - with every thought and deed. Emma taught me how I can change the story and write what I want to read about. I don't have to be a part of anyone else's boring book :) THANK YOU EMMA! You're an Inspiration


Emanuelle is sincere, approachable, and takes her mediumship seriously to deliver the most accurate communications to the questioner. I feel like I'm talking to a friend who cares about me while doing her best in translating. She really enjoys communicating with spirits and helping the questioner. I highly recommend Emanuelle to anyone. Thank you Emma for your amazing gift and your genuine heart of service.

Wendy Davies 

My reading with Emanuelle was amazing.talked to my father in law who passed when my husband was 12. Talked about my past life in the 1800' was second time I'd heard about my life in a carnival...loved it!

discover you true life path class 4

This was an AHHH-MAZE-ZING Class. This was Number 4 out of 6 classes in a series. It was THE MOST transformative and informative one, for me. Understanding how energy and thoughts work and how to shift what we want or need into our reality so that we can utilize what we have to gain a better awareness of what we need - it can be very empowering. HIGHLY Recommend both this class and this teacher, Emma. She shares real-life experiences to help her students "see" AND "feel" a difference. You'll walk away with a better grasp on this subject and learn to manifest YOUR true life path!

Jenni D 

Emma, I Love Your Personality, I've Wanted To Be Friends With Someone Of Your Demeanor For A Long Time. You Are A Inspiration..

Happy Customer 

Emanuelle is sincere, approachable, and takes her mediumship seriously to deliver the most accurate communications to the questioner. I feel like I'm talking to a friend who cares about me while doing her best in translating. She really enjoys communicating with spirits and helping the questioner. I highly recommend Emanuelle to anyone. Thank you Emma for your amazing gift and your genuine heart of service.

My reading

My reading with Emma today was mind blowing. She is very detailed and gives specific names. She is by far the most accurate medium I have ever spoken to. I will be recommending her to family and friends. Thank you Emma.

Patti O'Neill 

My reading with Emma was the best I have ever had. She gave me so much information. She knew names and situations and was straight on point. I highly recommend her!

Amanda Cantu 

Just finished up with my first reading and I must say I am very pleased. She is the real deal! There is absolutely no way at all that she could have known all that she did. I wrote down 5 questions yesterday that I really wanted answers to and she answered every single one without me ever even having to ask! Erik even popped in!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH, EMANUELLE! Amanda Cantu

Marie from Achorage Alaska 
Group reading

My brother and I had a group session with Emma. It was so inspiring us. That was two weeks ago and we can't help but talk about the session every day since that day and share the information with our family. That was my second session with Emma. Now my brother understands why I insisted we do a session because she is simply so awesome. And I just love it so when Erik, guides, family and angels pop in to bring so much mindful inspiration and guidance. Marie, Anchorage, Alaska

June Jiraporn 

My session with Emma was great and helpful. I could talk to my Love ones and my higher self thru her. The messages she gave was so clear and accurate. Thank you for your guide on how to meditate and bring happiness back to my life again :) June from Sweden


Wow! That's really all i have to say. Thank you so much for bringing forth the amazing Erik and my beautiful spiritual team. I will forever remember this session as the one that changed my life. Thank you and may God bless you in every way. Love, Renae

Stephanne Cox 
Spiritual coaching session

I had a session with Emma and I absolutely loved it! She has helped me with my spiritual growth and guided me into taking the steps needed to keep moving forward

Renee Ruggles 
thank you

I am so grateful to Emanuelle and Erik, for bringing my spirit family through to me. My life is changed forever by the love, advice and validation that they gave me. The understanding and sensitivity Emanuelle brings to a reading is pure kindness. Thank you, Emanuelle! Renee

Linda Gaiser 
Genuine spirit

Emanuelle is very gifted, sweet and genuine spirit. By the end of the session I felt so much more at peace. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to experience this reading. And thank you Erik! Linda Gaiser


Emma, I can t thank you enough for the session today, it changed my life and you are such a delight!! I have never had a medium be so accurate and give names the way you do. Usually they will give you a first letter, but it s as if you re talking to them on the phone, it s so clear. I always love listening to your sessions on YouTube, I ve been listening to your new ones with Adam.

Ann Quillin Partin From Florida 

I had the most amazing reading with Emanuelle Yesterday..... she is truly a one of a kind person who is gifted, honest, and extremely credible. I was amazed by the whole experience. So glad we have her to bridge the gap between this world and the next for us!

Amanda Cameron 

I have just had my 4th reading with Emanuelle. She really is the most beautiful and generous soul. Her readings are so accurate and poignant to my needs. I would never have achieved where I am in in my spiritual journey without her. Along with my spiritual team, including Erik, she is my rock and support. I will always be eternally grateful to her, she has opened my eyes, mind and heart to the true meaning of my life. Love Amanda Cameron from the UK

Julie Raymos from California 

Hello From San Diego..I was fortunate to get a reading last spring with the beautiful Channeler Emma..I have had many readings through my 59 years of metaphysical studies and this reading changed my life in so many ways.. all my Erik readings have been fantastic, but this one was different, I received many names from spirit,which is highly unusual,and difficult to do..from my mom,dad,grandmother & from long lost relatives I hadnt thought of for years and years..I gained new insight that I have never had before through many mediums,psychics,and readers,,I highly recommend Emma and the cost although has gone up (a wee bit ) is EXTREMELY affordable & is well worth the wait and money ..She is such a pure medium and channel.. and now I understand that due to free will, we are just guided towards our truth and the helpers assigned to us will appear, if we allow !! thank you Emma, Erik, CE family..Stay Blessed always love on my end, Julie Raymos from California

Crina Negru Belgium 

Emanuelle, our meeting was no coincidence .. your card reading has answered questions, cleared lots of things that i didn't understand and brought many positive emotions ... each meditation with you give me the peace I need in the difficult period that I am now experiencing. Thank you ! God bless you . Crina Negru from Belgium

great session

I had a great session with the beautiful soul Emanuelle is !! I can say she really wants to help, and has a profound grasp on human nature, and how to bring our loved ones messages home in a very constructive way. And also having Eric helping in his forever ( lol !! ) joyful way, was pure delight !! All I can say is I would not hesitate to have other sessions with her. Kudos to you, Emanuelle, for having chosen to follow your heart and help your sisters and brothers through the awakening humanity is experiencing !! Much appreciated !! Antony

Alice Jarman-Powis 
animal healing

Gerald was extremely helpful, compassionate and accurate in helping my pet. I can't recommend him enough guys! :)

Serena M 

I had the most amazing reading with Emanuelle McIntosh a very gifted medium who channels spirit, and most beautiful soul. Emma actually gave me the names of three family members who have crossed the rainbow bridge... I have never had a reading from someone who could do that. Emma is so tuned in, and physic's just give you possible outcomes, based on your current frequency, but we all have free will, and can change our path at anytime if we know something may happen that we want to change. The possibility's are endless, anyway, Erik came through in my reading, and said that I have been a Which in 15 lives... I have had visions of those lives, also I am a Natural Healer, I work with the earths energy I am very connected and can actually feel the energy... Now I know why I knew when earthquakes were coming, and in California there were many earthquake's. I would wake up in the night and yell "earthquake" and everyone would be like wtf... Yes I am definitely the connected one in my family, that is why they all said I was weird, haha that's okay!... I love me, and all my weirdness, Lol... I am so happy to have had this reading with Emma, because I know that who I am is exactly who I have always wanted be. A healer, and a spiritual teacher. So much Love to you Emma, and Erik... Love and Light to all!

Kati Coppler
Live Class 3 manifestor consciousness 
My keyboard was not working so I need to say it here. Emma, you are amazing. Thank you for sharing your wisdom in such an easy-to-understand manner in the manifestation classes.

Patty O' Neal 

You are truly the very best medium I have ever known. The names you came up with and the relationships and facts you knew, there was just no possible way you could have known these things.

Nadia D. 
My session with Emanuelle

I am one of the lucky few who has experienced a session. I recorded the session and have listened to it at least 10 times!!! Each time I get more and more out of it. I paid for 60 min and I got 90. You talked to my heart and you nailed it. I am looking forward for my second session in September, with no expectations whatsoever. All I know is that I'm extremely grateful and open to the experience. Emma you got this girl!!...If you ever need dynamic, artistic, believer in your corner you got one and would jump at the chance to interview VIP spirits with you!! BIG LOVE Nadia x

Joke C. 
Spot on reading

You were spot on with my reading. It changed the way how i live my life. I felt like you know me better than anyone. You know my deepest fear and you knew how i should deal with this fear, and i never told anyone about this. So you could never know my fears... and yet, you knew about it. You help so much people with your gift

George B. 

Emma helped my father , Erik , & my wife come through for me . I didnt tell her , or anyone I only spoke to them in my mind . With details only known by myself . No one knew peeps

Sue M. 
My ask emma question

Hi Emanuelle, I finally got round to watching your answer to my question for the August "Ask Emma", it was amazing. I knew that what I had been told was not correct because I believe in the law of attraction etc, which is why I wanted clarification about the course.. I had already come to the same conclusions that mum told me but it was nice to have it confirmed.. I feel like I am really learning to hear and follow the guidance from the other side, so to speak. This week I had been telling some clients how hard I find it to ask for help while I was talking them through the same thing and mum confirmed everything I had been saying there too. It was of great encouragement to me because I have built up a client list very quickly and am specialising in the trauma counselling and life coaching that mum said and had already decided.. no more training.. so the message really was good affirmation for me about where I am headed and clearing up questions from that reading I had. I truly thank you for being the conduit for me to get this clarity from mum.. You were so right about her always choosing words carefully and thinking before she spoke. Using all my experience etc I am helping over a 100 other Practitioners to do what I do and I am on the ride of my life, I love it.

Amazing Reading

Emma, I had an amazing reading with you and you knew so many names that it totally shocked me and I will admit, my human mind could not wrap my brain around it and wanted to justify how you knew. I have had several other readings with other mediums and none of them ever could give names like you did. But when I checked in with my heart the doubts went away as all I could feel is love for you and the gift of messages you gave me. You are right, you not only got names but personalities and other things that you could not have known by research. I am truly sorry that I let that doubt even enter my thoughts. You are amazing and full of love for everyone. I am looking forward to talking to you in the future after you open your schedule again which I really hope you still do. You and Erik are such a blessing. Much love to you and your beautiful family!

Mark Searson 

Emma the reading you gave me was amazing. You told me the names of my two guides that nobody knew except me. 100% confirmation right off the bat. You provided me with a direct line to them and to Erik and to my grandmother who died before I was born. Im very grateful for that

My ask Emma Question

Thank you for your channeled message dear Emma. May infinite blessings fill your heart! Love, Regina

Janey Clark 
Thank you

Every amazing opportunity I have had to speak with Emanuelle McIntosh . It has been one of growth, support and encouragement. I look forward to the continued engagement with her and wish her all the success in the world, that she chooses to have. Thank-you Emma many blessings!!

Serena M. 

I think Emma is the most amazing medium I have ever seen. she is compassionate and caring... she speaks to people who have crossed over just like they were still here and sitting by her side... Love her!

Deborah Holmen 
peace of mind

Because of you Emma, you gave me the peace of mind when my father was transitioning over a year ago. You knew names of family members that had wronged me, and you helped me process through why I was dealing with people defaming me. You also knew about the journey I am on as a writer, giving me hope and understanding that what I'm doing is my true Path.Love and healing

 Nathalie G. 

Your readings with my family were crazy accurate. 4 times. People spend too much time in the nitty gritty details. Emma you are a super medium.

Lisa Estall 
Ask Emma

In the chillin with adam 'astrals' video, adam answered my question about moving. You channeled that we would sell our home and move to New England. Well yesterday we moved to New Hampshire!! You are amazing and he was right! Still waiting to see what the photography is all about but time will tell. You really have a gift!! Much love to you!

 Silvia Coradin

Emma is what we call a spiritual translator . That means she s an intuitive medium and is able to speak to not only our deceased loved ones on the other side, but is able to speak to our guardian angels and can tap on our previous lifetimes for further understanding of our current lives. Finding her on the Channeling Erik website changed my life. My sessions with her have been amazing, and I have no doubt about her abilities as she has correctly identified relatives, their names, personalities and more. Just to be able to chat with my Alex has been more healing than anything else I have ever done in my life to try to remember him. Years ago I had done a previous life regression with an amazing lady that sorta hypnotized me, and I saw who I was in 6 previous lifetimes. Not sure if I imagined this stuff, I wrote on my phone the details, including names, places and years associated with them, and I only told my husband about them. Nobody else. When I asked Emma about my previous lifetimes, it was mind blowing for her to confirm that I was a nurse that died in a bombing in WW1 in Germany and a girl in Norway in the late 1700s, along with confirming I was a man in with a successful business in Boston in the late 1600s and others. Mind blown. She s the real deal. There is no doubt in my mind. My whole life I knew that Boston was someplace special. I had many deja vus about that city that started when I was a little girl. I ve never been there, yet when I see a picture of the old streets of Boston, I know it s Boston even though the picture may not say. Now I know why.

Yoshimi from Tokyo 
My life coaching session

Thank you so much Emma for the Spiritual Life Coaching Session today! Lots of helpful advices and lots of great hopes!!!! And brought me a lot of awareness!

Lynzie M. 
Life coaching session

Thank you so much Emma you have really helped me. Such good, loving advice based on your amazing abilities. It has been such a treat and an honour to have spent an hour in your company and I go away feeling refreshed and with a new, clearer path to walk. You have taken away many of my worries and concerns and I feel healed and refreshed, ready to step into tomorrow. You have raised my vibration just by talking with you. I think 'everyone' needs a coaching session with you and am so grateful that I have been able to have one. The 'light' certainly sines from you. Blessings to you and your family. With much gratitude. Lynzie

Michelle ST 

Emma you are awesome! Really enjoyed my reading! My sister's stepson came through who died from suicide . Emma got his , name, mannerisms and things about my sister No one knows. She helped me validate many things I had been thinking about and the messages from my angels have been a great comfort. I am grateful for the experience. I admire you Emma as s person and would love to hang out with you!

Jackie S 

Emma. Ever since my reading with you three weeks ago, I have been in such awe of you and your talent. I have been telling many trusted friends that you are the best spiritual medium I have ever worked with, specifically because of your accuracy! In my reading with you a few weeks ago, you mentioned so many things that were accurate. So many names that were spot-on. The first thing you mentioned was that my parents dog, Reilly, was there. You said her name and at first I assumed you meant it was a person, until you told me that she felt like a golden retriever dog! Reilly died a few years ago, and I have not had pictures up of her on social media. So how would you know that otherwise?? You also mentioned my dad's name, his first name (Donald), and also mentioned that there was a family member named Carl who is my spirit guide. Well, I do not know a single person named Carl, and I am certainly not connected to any Carl on Facebook or other social media site. However, my dad and I discovered that "Carl Schroeder" was an ancestor of ours from the 1800s. I mean...really?!?! You can't make this stuff up!! How would you have known?? You also knew that my step-grandmother, Lorraine, was sick before she passed away in January. But I did not mention anything to you about how she died. You knew my sister's name, and my step-grandmother's son's name and his wife, as well as their two children's names. I don't know how you would have known that information! You also new (because my angel Gabriella mentioned to you), that I am single and have no children. How would you know that? I had not mentioned anything to you about my life before speaking with you! And lastly, you told me that my cat needs to drink more water. I told you that I already give him water, and you said that he needs more. Well guess what? Three days after our reading, I had to take him to the emergency vet because he was constipated and was in a lot of pain (he was growling from pain). I believe you 150%, Emma.

Janey C 
Thank you

Thank-you! thank-you! thank-you! Emma for my reading yesterday evening. You are such a special entity! Everything you said was so spot on! My mind was blown when you started to mimic both my daughter and mother (who have not passed)! You described all of our personalities so precisely!! I'm not sure if this has happened to others who have had a reading with you? Afterwards I felt like I was on cloud 9, still do. Including feeling like every cell in my body was either rebooting or waking up! That sort of energy is just out of this world. I loved how you showed me what Erik was doing, a facial expression we use in my culture, which was just hilarious!! You could tell, you had no idea why he was doing it, but I got it straight away!! It was just so much fun and joy experiencing this with you. Now with this amazing information I will step into who I know myself to be and also support my beautiful children as Erik and my own guides have suggested. Blessings to you beautiful Emanuelle , until next time, Ka nui te aroha kia koe e hoa xxx

Deborah H. 

Had my reading with Emma after waiting a year - she's so worth it! Anyway, she is one of the clearest channelers I have ever met. Yesterday, she said my Uncle George came in, and for the life of me I couldn't remember an uncle by that name. I know my family well! Then she said, "Let me ask further," since I was so confused. He said he went by Robert, Robert, Jr since my grandfather is George, Sr. I totally busted up later when it hit me it was my UNCLE BOB, my father's brother. Anyway, my husband was a true believer after listening to that. She was spot on. Emma, you are truly a gift to the world! Never lose your heart! Thanks again, and I'd love for you to visit New England someday in my little cottage by the sea!

Melody G. 
2nd reading

Just completed my second reading with Emma and I so appreciate her precious and amazing gift. I know there are some who will attempt to discredit mediums due to their own issues. I choose to listen to MY gut and make my own decisions. What was shared with me could not have been found online anywhere by anyone. I also know the personalities of each one who has come through has been absolutely the person/s I knew in physical form. I will continue to honor and support the work you do Emanuelle so others are encouraged to continue listening to their own hearts versus someone else's fears or doubts.

Christopher W. 

I just had a healing with Gerald McIntosh and I hope everybody that reads this gets one. Sharing this time with him was one of the best things I've done for myself in a long time. I felt like he really wanted to help me find more happiness and joy. It is so easy to sit back in his care and let the old stagnant energy get lifted away. I had tears running down my face within minutes. It was like a huge heavy feeling of worry and sad feelings were pulled out of my chest. Since this healing I notice a huge difference it the way I am reacting to stressful situations. Thank you Gerald from the bottom of my heart

Peggy Sue F. 
I won

I had won a free reading with Emma close to a month ago. Emma and I connected yesterday via Skype. It was hands down the best reading I have ever received. She is the clearest channel I have ever encountered. It doesnt hurt that Erik is both of our Guides too. Even questions that I didnt get to ask, where answered. What a gift from Spirit! Thank you Emma, I am now on Team Emma

Moe Klyne 

I had my reading with Emma today as I waited patiently for a year to roll around and finally got the chance to experience this extraordinary gifted women do her magic. She was very accurate with details from every family member that came through. I was in Awe as she named everyone by name. She gave me such a beautiful gift from my guides and angels that only I would know details on. I highly recommend a reading from this talented, loving individual who shares her gift with so many individuals who need it. Thank you so much for the insight and information I received from our real home, the other side. I will treasure this reading forever. much love from Moe

Cindy Lynne B. 

Hi everyone. I recently won an hour Energy healing session with Gerald during the 100 anniversary of the Joy Ride Show and want to share what an amazing experience it was. It is amazing to know that him and Emma are so far away from the United States but I felt so much energy moving around through my body as he meditated. As I did my part of breathing through the process I kept feeling the energy forming in my throat area until finally before the hour was up I had no choice but to cough. I ended up having to cough 3 times and immediately the third time my throat felt clear and open like my bad energy left at that moment. I fully recommend anyone scheduling a session with him it was wonderful. Thank you again Gerald and Emma for your amazing gift.

Life Changing

I recommend you get fully prepared for your session with Emma. Have questions, and if possible - record the session. Emanuelle is gifted and truly a gift unto the world! I have always believed in spirits as part of our existence, but would have a lingering question in my mind ... that is now gone. Emma is not certain who will pay a visit - but her names and details were spot on. I just listened and have EVERY confirmation that there is truly life after life and that we need to use our time here to live abundantly. Thank you Emma, Erik, and my homey's :) Angels and guides, and to my mom and dad who have passed, but came to share and give their love ... I LOVE you all more than words can express. Thank you Emma! I am so blessed by your gift XO

Georgina K.

Just wanted to say I had a wonderful conversation with Emma and her guides during the week. I waited over a year for my appointment and have to say I was as nervous as a kitten beforehand. Thank you Emma for being so kind. I waited many years for answers to questions and I was given wonderful information and guidance to issues. Skype wouldn't work as the UAE where I live no longer allow free access to it however we just reverted to the old landline and it was still brilliant. I would definitely recommend a one on one telephone call or Skype with Emma. Love and light to everyone here and a big hug to Emma Georgina K

Regina P.

Thank you Emma for the profound and accurate reading. You named everyone of my family members and blew me away with the messages. I highly recommend Emma. She is an extraordinary channel! Regina from California

Tripp I.
The Real Deal

I waited almost a year to have a reading with Emma. I was blown away with her accuracy and ability to "bring in" people that have departed. Emma told me about my angel spirit guides the names of my guides who are watching over me. She brought in my great grandmother, my grandfather, my father and other people special to me. The amazing thing is that she called my departed family members by name and they were accurate. On one occasion she was translating my father and referred to my wife and daughters names perfectly. It was like having a conversation with my departed father. I would ask a question and Emma would say something like" your father says that your wife (ie. insert name here) is loving her new found retirement". How did she know that? The real kicker was she said I had a grandmother that had joined our conversation named Charlotte. I didnt understand who she was referring too? About an hour later I remembered that i had a step grandmother named Charlotte. At the time, my mother was married to a man and had a different last name than mine. Charlotte was my step fathers mother (also another name). There is absolutely no way Emma could have looked this up or somehow faked this. My mother and step father were married 40 years ago and Charlotte passed away 35 years ago. Emma could not have known about this. Especially since it was pre-internet. Emma has a gift that is legitimate and awe inspiring. Thank you so much for finishing a conversation with my father and making me understand that we all have to account for our actions. Whether in this life or the next. I am going to try to reserve another hour for my mother that has had extreme difficulty understand her life situation. The departed can shed so much light on this type of thing and you can feel the energy she is transmitting. All the love Emma. Thank you so much!

    Mary Fong

Emanuelle did a translation that provided insights about me; and introduced me to a few new spiritual guides, relatives, and even my dogs! I enjoyed my session with her very pleasant and authentic disposition. I also appreciated Erik providing some helpful insights. I look forward to learning and progressing more in my sessions with Emanuelle, Erik, and the entire spiritual entourage. Cheers!

Anne Quillin Partin

Emanuelle, is the real deal. But, she is a compassionate, caring, healer as well. Want someone who is affordable, authentic and out to help you.... then you have come to the right person. Emanuelle is here to serve others and bridge the gap between this world and the next. She/Erik are an amazing duo and ALL of my family members showed up in short order to speak with me yesterday during our session; I am blessed and amazed she got all of their names correctly without asking me any Questions! My reading was real proof that we are not alone in our walk in this world. I Looking forward to keeping in touch with this amazing young lady!

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