Astrology/numerology reports + video message from your spiritual team

Hey guys,

As it is really hard for me to do any regular sessions this year, I still have decided to offer the new year astrology reports for 2021 with a personalized video message from your spiritual team. These are always very popular so know that I will try my very best to get these to you ASAP but that patience is necessary on your end ;) as I have a lot on my plate with all of the moving to France and renovation projects. That said I still want to offer this small service for you to receive a personalized message from your team :) You can order them now with the link below. Much love, Emanuelle


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Sorry guys, the astrology reports are sold out. I might reopen the link again depending on how the processing of these 50 reports go combined with the hustle and bustle of moving to another country an

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