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Do not be fooled

Message from my guide Erik : do not fall for the project blue beam scenario, these are all fake ufos and "Chinese weather balloons( why would the Chinese use a slow as hell oversized weatherballoon when they have access to satellites in space, they keep an eye on the whole world all the time without them knowing it! Lol", launched by the US government in order to create more fear. There is no way in hell ET' s would not be able to avoid our limited aircrafts. There tech is so far advanced they can dissappear within seconds. This is so funny 🤣 as this exact scenario, just like the other p...demic scenarios were leaked many many years ago...all you need to do is your own research and read the scripts. So don't get fooled and do not fear...the ET' s have been helping us for quite some time now to get unprisoned from those who come up with all these fake scenarios and use them to bring fear and regain control. The governments have had alien tech for quite some time and have created many man-made ufos by copying what they found, but what they lack is the true tech to reach the speeds and energy time and space altering technology to travel interdimensionally. So laugh this joke away and focus on your independency in every aspect of your beingness. Love Erik.

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