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Looking for an early christmas gift for yourself ? Check out my Patreon page for only 3 euro and get access to over 100 channeled posts, exclusive monthly messages from Jesus and exclusive behind the scenes video's and mediation video's. Here is an overview of some of the posts you will have access to :

1. Acceptance VS Tolerance

2. A spiritual perspective on Marriage

3. A spiritual perspective on Feng Shui

4. How do I live with a depressed roommate/partner?

5. Is heaven an actual place ?

6. Soul Groups VS Soul Families

7. Do prayers work?

8. Life force VS Soul energy

9. When and how does the soul enter the body of a baby?

10. The Corona Virus

11. All about pendulums

12. Everything on Earth is borrowed

13. All about EVP's ( recorded spirit voices)

14. All about Secret Societies/Illuminati

15. What is an old soul?

16. A spiritual perspective on food addiction

17. Spiritual perspective on auto-immune disorders

18. Do angels really help us?

19. All about Crystals and how they work

20. Morning prayer to transcend fears & anxieties

21. How do returning souls deal with the NO TIME reality ?

22. All about the illusion of time and space

23. The art of surrendering

24. Spiritual basis of hiccups, sneezes and yawns?

25. All about life reviews

26. Why are we here?

27. Why does God allow cruelty and violence?

28. How can we not dwell in fear in these uncertain times?

29. All about spiritual amnesia

30. All about miracles

31. All about Palmestry

32. All about Karma

33. What happens to souls who die under suspicious circumstances?

34. Do we choose our bodies and names before birth ?

35. Is time moving faster nowadays?

36. Life is tough but so are you

37. Spiritual perspective on being transgender

38. Transcript Jesus's Message for Humanity March 2020

39. JUST BE !

40. Hello, can you hear me? (communication with spirit)

41. The nature of Corona

42. Spiritual Acceptance VS Indifference

43. Spiritual perspective on organ donation

44. Clarification on Jesus's message around Corona

45. All about Fibromyalgia

46. All about phobias

47. All about self discipline (A channeled answer from Bruce Lee )

48. There is no I in God

49. Afterlife interview with John Denver

50. All about perfectionism

51. All about abortion

52. Is there a Cabal?

53. All about dreams

54. Why are so many homeless and /or addicts ?

55. Are there any spiritual consequences for our human actions?

56. If life is a virtual reality, then why can't we fly?

57. Spiritual basis for migraines and headaches

58. Spiritual perspective on a narcissist

59. Do our deceased pets visit the living?

60. Message for those of you grieving a loved one

61. Message from Jesus

62. Be the change you wish to see in the world

63. Why do I feel so deeply connected to a celebrity I have never met?

64. Are you an empath?

65. What if you don't have a life purpose? Or cannot find it?

66. Why is channeling so draining?

67. All about Ouija Boards

68. All about the 5 G network and EMW

69. All about altars and offerings

70. All about judgement

71. What does it mean to be blessed?

72. What is the meaning of a flying dream?

73. The relation between creativity & poverty

74. All about Self Love

75. Spiritual perspective on child abuse/ child trafficking

76. How were the pyramids build?

77. Can spirits manifest fire?

78. What is clairvoyance?

79. All about the EGO

80. Spiritual perspective on bullying

81. Spiritual perspective on sociopaths and psychopaths

82. Ask permission (Pocahontas answers a question about nature consciousness)

83. Missing your deceased loved ones during the holidays, what you can do

84. World predictions 2021

85. Message from Jesus for the New Year 2021

86. My grieving story

87. Life is tough but so are you

88. So many 2021 predictions have already come to pass

89. Our French adventure

90. Jesus talks about the miracle of diversity.

91. Why do mediums charge so much?

92. An extended explanation about the crystal skulls

93. The age of Aquarius is now

94. Afterlife interview with Nostradamus

95. Message from Jesus : the divine temple

96. All about trees (message from Pocahontas)

97. Message from Jesus : The Bible

98. General fatigue

99. Stonehenge

100. All about giants

101. What happens when we die

102. Jesus message : Adam and Eve

103. Sight without seeing - The third eye activation

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