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Important warning from spirit


Hey guys,

My spirit guides wanted me to pass along the following warnings. Massive seismic activity ( scale 7 or even 8 and higher) is very likely to occur this first week of March 2023 until the 6 or 7th of March 2023. Areas that seem the most likely to be affected is the westcoast of Amerika and/or the area around China and Indonesia. This is not to install fear but to simply warn you so you can make sure you have an Earthquake emergency plan ready, teach your children to get out of the house when it starts shaking and get your most important and valuable items prepped to be grabbed in case an Earthquake hits. All galactic entities are trying to shift the energies in order to prevent or at least reduce the magnitude of these quakes but just in case a warning of the spirit world has been sent out. Stay safe and be prepared. Lets hope they can prevent this from happening 🙏let's all pray and share share share . Love Emanuelle and her team.

Channeled by Emanuelle McIntosh on February 28th 2023

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