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June 30th is coming up yeay :)

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to send out a reminder. On June 30th I will be accepting new reading requests, again for the new year. I am also accepting requests for intuitive lifecoaching sessions, intuitive healing sessions and animal communication sessions. Gerald will also be accepting regular healing sessions and animal healing sessions as well.

You can send your requests on June 30th!!! to the following email :

Now know that it usually takes me a few days to process all the requests, so if you don't receive a date proposal right away..don"t panic I will answer your email.

So if you are interested in any kind of session let me know, you can find an overview of our sessions here :

If you want more info about the sessions, just click on the picture of the session and more information will pop up.

Have a blessed and magical day sweet souls,

Blessings Emanuelle & Gerald

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