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Message from George Floyd 😔

Updated: May 24

Received May 30th 2020

I am safe, loved and at peace. Please let my family, my amazing girl and friends know that I am with God and surrounded by angels guiding me and loving me.

Do not let my death be an excuse for violence, suffering or more death but let it be a seed to create permanent change and unity, to create a united brotherhood and sisterhood for all of humanity no matter what race, gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity.

Protest peacefully but with urge and determination and do not stop untill injustice, racism and inequality is replaced with justice, unconditional love and equality.

Standing strong and united with love and compassion as our weapon, we can remove the pain and fears that has lead to these destructive behaviors and beliefs that ultimately always lead to unnecessary suffering and death, racist responses and incarceration or murder of the innocent. Together as one, seeded from God's love energy, we can create peace and unity for our tomorrow. Thank you for listening.💖

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