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Newsletter April 2020

Hello everyone ,

I hope all are staying safe and healthy during these transcending but challenging times. For many of you this is a time of great uncertainty and this great unknowing of what tomorrow will bring, installs many different levels of fears and discomforts within our minds and hearts. When we go into fear mode we tend to focus extensively on everything we cannot control and this way lose total control over everything we can control which ultimately shapes our world and how we experience our reality.

So we might not be able to control what happens outside of ourselves but we can control how we respond to it, we can control and guide our thoughts, emotions, perspectives, actions and reactions. Always keep in mind that your thoughts, feelings and actions are massive energy units being send out into the universe which creates and manifests everything in your reality. Also these fears and anxieties negatively impact our physical body. Fears and anxieties trigger your flight-or-fight stress response and release a flood of chemicals and hormones, like adrenaline, into your system. ... This weakens your immune system, leaving you more vulnerable to viral infections and many other physcal problems and illnesses.

So as God, All that is, or whatever you wish to call it explains in this trance channeling. Have FAITH ! Trust that the universe has your back and trust your devine powers because you are God and God is you. You have the power to create and determine how you experience this lifetime and what you manifest into it. Everyone has the choice to live and act from a foundation of fear or from love. Choose love. Love yourself enough to not let the illusion of fear affect you, your mind, your heart and your body in a negative way. For the sake of yourself , those you love, and all others focus on all the love that is being spread each day, focus on all the helpers, healers and light workers that are bringing light to this darkness and most of all focus on the devine light that has always resided within you and use these times to focus on transcending victim consciousness and liberating yourself with love , light and spiritual awareness and expansion.

We are all in this together so dare to ask for help if you need help (put your pride aside) , help others in a safe and loving way and expand your awareness and self through taking time to heal, rest and explore spirituality. Because when we reside daily in a frequency of love and learning, we can only attract abundance, love, joy, balance, passion, inspiration and lasting happiness.

Much love and light


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