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Newsletter March 2020

Hello everyone, With this Covid-19 virus circulating the world, it is hard to talk about anything else. Belgium is in full lockdown and so in a way all life here has been cancelled and quarentine is in effect.  My children have been home now for 2 weeks and it doesn't look like the schools will be opening any time soon, so working from home has become almost impossible as I now have the challenging task to keep my children on a home school schedule (children with autism demand routine to keep a certain calm) A task that seems to be very challenging and energetically draining. Also as many of you already know, Gerald and I had been planning to sell our home and move to the countryside of France where we would start a spiritual B&B / center and a B&B foccused on families with Autism. Our home has still not sold and with this virus, all plans have been put on hold and will probably postponed for many months. So it looks like for me this year will be the year of postponing and playing catch-up as so many of you had their sessions postponed at the end of last year due to our house selling plans and my health problems (energetically drained) and now this virus postpoing things even more just as I was getting people back on the schedule. So to those of you still waiting for a rescheduling of your cancelled sessions I can only ask for more patience and a promiss that your session will happen when I am able to. So at this time it doesn't look I will be able to reopen my schedule for any new session requests as rescheduling my cancelled appointments will be my first priority. I will continue to keep you all informed on how things are evolving in these newsletters. Now I know many of you have a million questions about this virus and Jesus has reached out to me and requested me to channel a message for him, so below you can find the video where jesus addresses the world and some great EVP's were discovered by some of my followers so go check out Jesus's voice. I also have a post on my new patreon account where my team gives more insight on this virus ( the what, why, by whom,etc...) So feel free to check those out.

As for now I wish you all a great health and want to urge you all to use this time of isolation to do inner reflection, take some time to destress, catch up on some needed sleep, and do some things you otherwise might not have the time to do, like reading a book, bingewatch a show ;)  etc... Spend time with your loved ones and find beauty and love in everything that surrounds you. Much love to you all, Emanuelle

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