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Newsletter October 2021

Hello my bright souls,

I cannot believe we are already October. We have now lived in France for 11 months. It has been challenging physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically and continues to be just that, but I know in my heart that it is all worth the struggle and will lead to a greater expansion and healing of ourselves and of others in the future.

The universe has been forcing me to change and to only live in the today moments ( as none of my scheduling seems to ever work out the way I planned it lol) and to surrender to the natural pace of each day and its manifestations.

You too may find that you are shifting rapidly as you shed and release old programs and clear things that are no longer serving you. The transitions are happening so fast as truth rises and we see clearly (often for the first time) how much we have been compromising ourselves to keep the peace. It's natural to do things to make others comfortable because we don't want to rock the boat, we want people to like us and our work, maybe we don't want to speak the truth because damn it that takes courage. One thing I know for sure is having fun should be something we actively seek because pure joy raises our vibration! Every time we let go of unhealthy programs and behaviors we experience a new lightness of being. We allow that old version of us to release and invite in our next level of existence, one that is more aligned and true for us. We are in a powerful time of creation and expansion right now. Allow things to release that are no longer serving you and be open to manifesting your new reality. The shedding, no matter how painful it is, is your message to the Universe that you are ready for your next level of quantum growth and expansion. Be fearless, choose you, and be mindful of old patterns and thoughts creeping in to sabotage your growth. Take yourself on a date just for you, love yourself, do something creative like redecorate a room, or play music, paint or dance. Allow your true self to emerge with no limitation. We spend so much time doing things we "have" to do we forget how important it is to spark joy. Speaking of joy I want to announce that on October 30th will open my new daily planner for the first trimester of 2022 and will be accepting new requests for readings, intuitive life coaching sessions, animal communication sessions, intuitive healing sessions, energy healings with Gerald.

You can find the explanation for these sessions on the website

Also on the October 30th at 10pm Paris time I will reopen the purchase button for the 2022 astrology reports with short personal video message from your spiritual team. But be quick as those sell out fast!!!!

In November I will be using that time to focus on recording celeb interviews for YouTube.

As for now, no matter how your journey looks like at the moment, I encourage you to find time to play and honor how far you have come. Honor your past and allow those old versions of you to be laid to rest. Embrace all that you are becoming! Love and Light,


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