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Newsletter October 29th 2023+important announcements

Updated: Oct 30

Hello my light warriors,

As the leaves start to fall around me I am reminded that all new beginnings start with an ending. And at this time we are somewhere in between the ending and the beginning and for many of you, not all, this will feel like being stuck in limbo, nothing feels right, you feel like real life has been put on pause, that you're in a world you no longer recognize. Your intuition seems paralyzed, you're no longer sure what to believe or which direction to go and nothing makes any more sense. And with this writing, I just wanted to put your mind and heart at ease and let you know that what you are going through is absolutely normal and 100% part of your ascension process. Nothing feels familiar or comfortable anymore because you simply no longer resonate or want to operate from these frequencies you are currently surrounded by.

So if you are or have been going this kind of experiences then I can congratulate you because you are awake. You have experienced an awakening process and are now transcending into a higher frequency of existing. Understand that at this time you are in a way being reborn, squeezing through the birth canal into higher bandwidths of frequency. And as you move through the narrow to your next experience, like any birth, you'll experience time and space differently as you are in the in-between and it can feel uncomfortable and painful as old identities, beliefs, patterns and behaviors need to be released and transformed.

I am here to tell you that you are doing great. I know that the number one programmed human response to any kind of discomfort is to resist but the time has come to surrender, embrace and honor how you feel...yes it is uncomfortable right now, and yes it sucks big time, but it is all part of the rebirth process, so do not go into resistance but accept and allow the discomfort to be a part of the rebirth process. It is okay if you feel like shit right now, it will pass and lead you to a new experience of this Earthly incarnation. Be patient, be kind with yourself and know that the more you let go of the resistance, the more you accept and surrender to the growing pains, the lighter you will feel and the easier the transitioning will be. It is ok to not have any answers right now, don't drive yourself crazy to figure it all out but simply allow yourself to live more mindfully, allow yourself to feel whatever it is you feel and just know that the answers will find you when you are ready to receive them. Have faith all is happening according to your soul's wishes so just trust the river of will take you and your boat where you need to be.

With that said I also have a few important announcements for you.

November 23rd, 2023 accepting new session requests

First of all due to illness this month, my schedule has to be adjusted a little bit so I will be opening my schedule for next year a little later than announced on the website.

So if you want to request a session with me (spirit reading, intuitive life coaching session, animal communication session or intuitive healing session), then you can send an email to and request your session on November 23rd .

If you are subscribed to my Patreon page you will be able to request your session a few days earlier (more info will be posted on the Patreon page Know that I usually receive more requests than I have availabilities but trust that you will receive your session when you are meant to and be patient as it takes me some time to answer you all.

September 7th 2024 Live event

Also, I am so excited to let you all know that I will be having a live all-day event on September 7th 2024 here in my hometown La Prennessaye, Bretagne, France.

Ticket sales will start on December 1st on the website.

Should you be interested in joining us on this day filled with guidance, healing and channeling and if the weather permits I would love to have a bonfire on my property that evening where we can share stories and watch for star activity...then I hope the universe helps you find your way here.

Well that is it for now, know that you are loved and I wish you all the best for the holidays

Love always Emanuelle

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