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Out with the old, in with the new

As the old year makes room for the new so is the one side of our roof from our future Gite/BnB, the side that had craters of wholes and was letting in tons of water, being replaced and renewed.

Although they showed up without notice and Gerald and our wonderful neighbors were suddenly rushed to cut down the trees that were damaging the roof to begin with ,to make room for the workers to do their job, I am happy and feel grateful this urgent work is being done. So an extra thank you to Evelyne, Denis, and all who helped and Gerald of course and thank you to Phillipe Trouchard and his workers from Les Toits De Bretagne. Now we need to start saving again for all the other renovations that still need to be done as the cookie jar has gone empty 😬🍪 but I remain in a vibration of hope and abundance in order to manifest our goals to come to completion 😁🤞😄

To everyone, never give up on your dreams...I have dreamed of having a farm since I was 8, I am now almost 41 ... so keep on dreaming 🥰

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