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Predictions 2022

As most of you already know the future is never set so predictions are usually made or better said revealed to us by spirit so we can become aware of where the current energies are flowing us to, what direction the current collective energies are pushing us in to. With this knowledge we can then discern whether or not we want to change these energies and thus alter these future predictions or further feed them so we can make sure they truly come to pass. In other words predictions are mostly warnings so we can change what we don't want to see manifest. And as many of you also know I'm not a fan of doing predictions but I know how much you all look forward to them so here you go, this is what I received for 2022.( I would post this in a video but you all know that whatever doesn't follow the government's narratives gets attacked and erased) 1. “The pandemic”.

Despite the fact that around Christmas 2021 an enormous shift /Event (see Jesus December message shared on Facebook and Patreon) should take place that will shift the energy in 2022 help the human collective to be guided to an awakening, we are still going to experience discomforts and resistance from the dark forces. Over time, once the collective will start to see the truth , change their perspectives and actions, all existing institutions will eventually crumble down so they then can be reinvented and recreated. But until that time we should still see the following in 2022 – A rise in protest and riots will happen on a global scale but especially Australia will be attacked due to the severe injustice and suppression of their people and their indigenous population. – House prices will continue to rise all over the world making it harder for those with a low income to find a home of their own. – Inflation All living costs will rise globally and as many hardworking people are losing their jobs or have to close down their businesses (while the very wealthy companies continue to make even more profit) a growing problem of poverty, homelessness, and hunger arises. So the inflation will spiral out of control and the value of the US dollar and Euro will collapse. Lithium, Gold, silver and bitcoin will be considered as assets and as the demand rises well so do the prices and value. – Peoples health declines rapidly. The fertility rate will reach an all-time low globally and more and more people start to experience massive side-effects/illness due to the vaccinations that can lead to permanent physical damage and even death. –The effects of almost two years of reduced socialization, limited schooling, and challenged mental health are now more than ever coming to the surface. An all-time high in suicide and depression affects our young generation. – global supply shortages persist 2. Scientist seem very happy to inform the world about their efforts to deploy AI in drug development. (not sure if that is a good or a bad thing but for some reason it makes me feel very uneasy)

3. The railway workers in France will protest on different days against the modernization of the SNCF . 4. Climate change becomes a more urgent imperative and because of this the demand for lithium grows rapidly, fueled by proliferation of electric vehicles and climate goals to reduce emissions. This high demand for the metal will be generating pressure within nations to build self-sufficiency in lithium production but will also produce more job opportunities. 5. Unfortunately more refugees arrive in Europe and many more of their lives will be lost at sea. 6. Political unrest flairs up again this year in South Africa and Jordan leading to massive violence and even death. In Iraq violence and death becomes part of daily life but the world will turn their backs and no aid will be offered to those in need. Also in the US a political shift will occur as Biden's health continues to decline. The presidential election in France creates unrest in the country and forces people to stand up against injustice and oppression. 7. Because of people's ever-increasing addictions to technology people spend more time than ever in front of screens which will lead to a young generation who will dangerously confuse fantasy with reality and other mental problems for all ages. Because of this parents will start to become more strict with their young children and will start to restrict or reduce their screen time, adults will start to create a better awareness of their addictions and will start to work on spending more time outdoors.

8. More and more UFO sightings will be acknowledged by media and institutions. This increase of sightings is no coincidence but intentionally done by the star beings who are ready for a closer contact with humanity.

9. Good news is an animal species (didn't receive much info in this one) that was believed to be extinct will reappear in the worlds view.

10. Other good news is that we should see a positive evolution in some new treatments/medications/therapies for severe Migraine sufferers, Cystic Fibrosis, autism and MS.

11. Urban farming increase. Due to the increase in poverty and hunger; community gardens/gardening will become more popular, reconnecting people with nature and a part of themselves as well.

12. And of course nature will continue to cleanse itself. Last year as predicted in my 2021 predictions Mother Earth had an unprecedented amount of volcano eruptions, this year it looks like floods and extreme heat temperatures will be causing trouble all around. Floods We should see intense floods in Europe (France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands,....), the USA (Colorado, Mississippi,...) several Asian countries, along with Australia. A massive mud slide might sweep India Tornadoes and tropical storms mostly in the USA (a bit all over) and in Asia ( Vietnam, ) Earthquakes (in California, India, Tunisia, etc...) We should see reduced volcanic activity Forrest fires will continue to cause trouble due to drought and extremely high temperatures in Australia, USA(California, Colorado, Texas,...), Spain,etc.... 13. Now despite all of these negative predictions, there is also good news. A massive shift in consciousness and an opportunity for the emergence of an Earth Community, based on sustainable, just, and caring communities that incorporate the values of mutual responsibility and accountability will slowly emerge from the chaos we have been experiencing. So many souls will start looking for spiritual food to feed their souls. More and more self reflection will be done, inner healing, replacing old destructive routines, habits and behaviors with new, healing, empowering ones. More awareness and understanding of universal truth, more trust in nature when it comes to healing the physical, more respect for nature and all living beings, etc..Starting 2022 we should also start to see an increase in compassion and assistance for those in need ( no matter whether it is mental, financial, or other needs...) and so we should see an increase of new charities being created, more aids and even regular people helping those in their own community. Now I am sure so much more will happen next year as I feel it will be another tumultuous year, but hopefully it will all be part of the ascension process for all of us. Know that we are given predictions so we can change certain things, so believe in your power and visualize a more positive outcome for all these negative ones. Stay strong and know that you are loved. Love always , Emanuelle

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