Predictions coming true

OMG so many predictions have come to pass already, earthquake,floods,airplane crash in Indonesia, the American elections, the ongoing pandemic effects, yesterday floods in Mississippi, the Harry and Megan interview that caused a lot of different reactions and their announcement of a new baby, illness with a devastating outcome in the British royal family, a large amount of volcanoes erupting for example in iceland, and many other places, corruption at wallstreet, etc... Thanks to everyone who shares these news events with me because I never watch any news so I usually am not much aware of what goes on around the world, just hear some local things on the radio from time to time. Keep me updated if you know of any more who have come to pass. For those of you who don't remember the predictions I posted , you can find them here

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Hey guys😍 First if all I want to thank everyone for their well wishes, love and cards of compassion and support. Good news....Our internet Works!!!🥳🥳🥳 Thank you for all the good juju sent to us. I

No internet

Still no internet 😌 Two men showed up yesterday to install it but nothing works. Called Orange today but they told me something still needs to be done, what exactly, by who and when were questions sh