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Hey guys, Storytime : So here is an update on the France adventure. So during our house hunt here in Bretagne, looking for the perfect location to create a magical healing place for you all to come and stay with us. We had found a perfect location that was within our budget with a house loan and we put in an offer. The offer was accepted so the search for a bank to provide a very low mortgage started. We quickly found out that in France they refuse to give any loans to Americans due to the FACTA law. We tried and tried but no luck and started to feel discouraged as we saw our dream fading away and the reality of "shit we are homeless in one month" started to creep in. So we both felt let down by the universe...but then a few days later we received the message from spirit that being stuck on a mortgage doesn't sound like the freedom you both are seeking. Didn't you tell the universe you wanted to become self sufficient and as independant as possible in this confusing and disempowering society ? Then it clicked, we were being pushed into the direction of purchasing a place in cash. So there started the second part of our adventure. Because this meant to find a whole lot for very little money. It was a challenge but I am happy to tell you that we did find a place that we feel can become magical with a whole lot of love, work, energy and fundings. So we put in an offer and it was approved very quickly. So here we are now in the process of going through the process of purchase and to be honest I AM EXCITED AND TERRIFIED ALL AT ONCE. I am trying to have faith and am praying for the universe to send us the help and funding that we need to create a healing, transcending place to be in. Thank you all for your prayers and support. Many of you have emailed me with the question how to help and donate and volunteers will always be welcome :) and I have a donation button on the bottom of my website or you can click here below. Please always take care of you and your family first but know that all is very much appreciated and will be paid forward. Donation link :

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