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Hey guys😍 First if all I want to thank everyone for their well wishes, love and cards of compassion and support.

Good news....Our internet Works!!!🥳🥳🥳 Thank you for all the good juju sent to us. I know you all helped because they weren't supposed to come till much later and the morning after I asked for your assistance, without notice two men showed up at the door and fixed the problem...see how powerful you all are...believe in your own powers and embrace the power of working together so we can shift the current energies and lift the world up.

So I will start recording again very soon, will catch up on all postponed and canceled session first starting this April and am hoping to reopen my schedule to everyone again in June. I am also hoping to start recording trance channeling again in April so keep your fingers crossed all runs smoothly here in france. Love you all 😍🥰

Ps i love the fact that I now can pick fresh flowers from my garden or surroundings whenever I need some . I took some pictures of the 🌼 in my garden, beautiful right😁😍

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