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World predictions 2021

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Hey guys,

The year has come to an end and what a year it was. Confusing, scary, enlightening, expansive and most of all challenging in every way possible. But here we all are, still going, with love and hope in our hearts. Know and understand that collective expansion into a higher dimensional state of existence always comes with massive global shifts, eruptive cleansing through mind & emotional challenging revelations and truths rising to the surface. Because we can only change, heal and recreate what is brought into our awareness. Therefore the bad needs to surface so the healing and recreation can begin. And this will continue in 2021. So hang in there, focus on what you can control and what brings you joy, inspiration and peace. Live in a state of gratitude and find beauty in every little thing.

Now as you all know I am not a big fan of future predictions as the future is never set. It can change its course at any moment in time because it is a manifestation of our collective energetic frequency. In other words people decide what happens by collectively sending out certain energetic vibrations through thoughts, feelings, dreams, visualizations, actions and words. All of those are energy sources that create our reality. So understand that predictions are an expression of where the current energy flow is taking us as a whole and allow us to decide whether or not we want to change those possible outcomes. But since you all seemed to enjoy the predictions I did in the past ( where i was shocked myself how 90% of all my predictions of 2019 and 2020 came true , you can find 2019 on YouTube and 2020 on Facebook & Patreon ) I have asked my spiritual team for some info for 2021. I never get too many details as I believe they want people to use their own intuition to fill in the gaps of the questions they may have and then decide whether or not they would like to manifest a change in that prediction. But here we go :)

Predictions 2021

1. Terrorist attacks increase all over the world. Unfortunately terrorist groups use the built up anger, frustrations and stress caused by the increased restrictions and limitations due to the pandemic to their advantage. They manage to convince more and more young individuals to commit terrorist attacks all over the world. Luckily some of these attacks will be prevented but unfortunately not all of them. Which will be prevented I do not receive but what I can share with you is that some of the attacks are meant for Hawaii, Vietnam, Belgium, France, England, Australia, USA, ....

2. The ongoing restrictions and limitations of covid and the many unnecessary deaths and side-effects that will sprout out of the mass vaccinations and the continuous increase in the restriction of freedom of speech on YouTube, Facebook, Intagram, Twitter, etc... will cause more and more unrest and anger within communities all over the world resulting in an explosion of demonstrations and protest. Certain countries will even see an increase in people leaving their country/state in search for more freedom and peace. Great unrest and even in some places (deadly) violence will be seen mostly in Europe, the US and China. Unfortunately all of this will continue during the entire year of 2021.

3. That said the pandemic also creates positive expansion as people start to think more and more for themselves, become more empowered to speak their truths and stand up for each other. Compassion, a search for spiritual understanding and wisdom, the acknowledgement of their individuality and uniqueness, more self love and a better understanding of their own wants, needs and soul path start to grow within the majority of the collective which will eventually lead to the expansion we need as a human race. You will see these traits present themselves in the fashion of many changing jobs, following new dreams and goals, relocation, ending bad relationships, a record number of new babies being born,etc...

4. Prince Harry and his wife Meghan invite the world even more into their personal life and announce news of possibly a new baby coming. The fact that they allow the world in even more creates many conflicting views and opinions but Princess Diana told me she is very proud of both her sons and inspired about the courage of Harry as he has succeeded in breaking down the imaginary division between a royal and their people and is finally showing their humanity with all their strengths, emotions and fears. Illness will affect the royal family in a devastating way as well.

5. A new scientific breakthrough happens after the identification of a human gene and the biological function its protein and RNA product. ( I'm not a doctor or scientist so my interpretation of this spirit message might not be complete or 100% correct but they showed me a DNA strand and one of those little sticks lit up and someone

understanding what it does). This will lead to medical breakthroughs in the future for certain illnesses.

6. Talking about medical research, a scandal forms itself after certain test subjects discover that certain immoral test were done upon them without their consent and knowledge. Something about A.I. Chips inserted in the brain??? not sure on that last bit.

7. More extra-terrestrial proof and testimonies of well known individuals are being shared with the world.

8. And of course Mother Nature continues her cleansing. She is shifting things around and creating lots of movement under the earth's surface. So lots of vulcanic activity occurs above and below the sea surface in USA , Japan, Indonesia, Russia, Philippines, Italy, New Zealand, etc..Floods in Mississippi area (USA), Europe ( Italy, France, Belgium,...) and Asia ( Mongolia, Japan, China, Indonesia, Nepal, South Korea, Pakistan, ...) Earthquakes : Japan, China, Indonesia, USA, Italy, Nepal,etc... Tornadoes/hurricanes in USA and its islands.

9. As far as Brexit goes, what can I say negotiations continue with Europe, I feel this is far from over and the UK will put pressure upon Europe using the trading routes and will be able to get more flexible terms.As I said before i still feel they will get to an agreement where the connection UK-Europe continues but the UK will get more freedom and independence. (not sure about those details)

10. Ok now the dreaded American elections (know that I have nothing invested in this as I am a European living in France and in all honesty I don't support either one ) but what I am receiving is that Trump will continue to fight his fight which will lead to the postponing of Biden coming into office. However at this moment it feels like Trump won't be able to change the outcome and Biden will eventually take office. He will not be in office long as they intended because he is sick and the vice president will come into play fairly quickly.

11. Massive solar flares and meteors cause reason for panic and energetic disruptions. Some of these solar flares will cause instrumental malfunctions in airplanes which could lead to dangerous situations and even crashes.

12. Fraud and manipulations are discovered in Wall Street and the financial market. This and the pandemic of course causes the financial stability to disappear and people withdraw massively from making new investments. This will eventually over time lead to the financial markets being reinvented and cleansed.

13. Increasing political instability and criminal activity in south africa

14. On a more positive note, the wild animals are rising in numbers and in a way restoring balance , pollution is going down and forest are slowly being restored ( of course we are no way near where we should be but it is hopeful to see nature blossoming)

So despite these gloomy predictions, know that we are growing and will rise above this. Understand that you all have the choice where to put your focus and where you invest your energy in. My advice: invest it in yourself and those you love, reinvent yourself, recreate your future and know that the universe has your back and loves you unconditional, after all....this is only a temporary experience ;) not your state of being. Happy Holidays, love Emanuelle

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