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Ask Emma question
Ask Emma question
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Ask Emanuelle (your spiritual team or loved ones) one  question.
You will receive your answer at the end of the month through a  YouTube video, so don't forget to tune in!Please email your question after making a payment to the following email address:

* Only one question per person per month is allowed so we can give everyone a chance to ask a question! Do not force multiple questions in your question!

* You will receive a confirmation email when your question is received by email!!! If you do not receive this email that means that your question was not received and you need to resend your question by the 15th of the month.

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My ask emma question
Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for what you do. I sent a question in this month and it is the first time I have had an experience with a medium or spirit. You described my mum perfectly and left me with no doubt that it was her you were communicating with. I am still trying to process this realisation but thank you for being strong enough to use the gifts you have to help others
My ask emma question
Emma i just found my question! can't believe that Erik said Hi to me, and you pronunced my name correct. unbelieveble i am so gratefull! thank you so much!
sk emma question oct 2018
Oh, Emma. I am sitting here BAWLING. My daughter Bobbi definitely came through as herself- I knew it from the start because she HATED being called Bobbi- her name WAS Barbara, and she preferred that. And you got it spot on with the Stewie character going "" That used to be one of her ringtones on her cell phone. AND I KNOW SHE IS STILL HER SILLY SWEET SELF NOW! Thank you so so very much. You validated so much for me- I know she will be waiting for me now. I love you so much Emma, thank you.
Rhonda L
My ask emma question
Hi Emanuelle, I finally got round to watching your answer to my question for the August "Ask Emma", it was amazing. I knew that what I had been told was not correct because I believe in the law of attraction etc, which is why I wanted clarification about the course.. I had already come to the same conclusions that mum told me but it was nice to have it confirmed.. I feel like I am really learning to hear and follow the guidance from the other side, so to speak. This week I had been telling some clients how hard I find it to ask for help while I was talking them through the same thing and mum confirmed everything I had been saying there too. It was of great encouragement to me because I have built up a client list very quickly and am specialising in the trauma counselling and life coaching that mum said and had already decided.. no more training.. so the message really was good affirmation for me about where I am headed and clearing up questions from that reading I had. I truly thank you for being the conduit for me to get this clarity from mum.. You were so right about her always choosing words carefully and thinking before she spoke. Using all my experience etc I am helping over a 100 other Practitioners to do what I do and I am on the ride of my life, I love it.
Sue M.
Ask Emma August 2018
Thank you for your channeled message dear Emma. May infinite blessings fill your heart! Love, Regina
Ask Emma August 2018
Thank you my dear and precious lady!!! How perfect that Erik and Rick came to answer this. My brother's middle name is Eric and he sends me 1111 to let me know he is with me. That is the time he left his body on 11/12/15 so it is always him speaking to me when I see it . And yes, you have now done powerful readings for 3 other family members who love and respect you and of course those on the other side love you even more
Ask Emma
In the chillin with adam 'astrals' video, adam answered my question about moving. You channeled that we would sell our home and move to New England. Well yesterday we moved to New Hampshire!! You are amazing and he was right! Still waiting to see what the photography is all about but time will tell. You really have a gift!! Much love to you!
Lisa Estall
My Ask Emma Question
Dear Rolling with Emma Friends, Now that I have had time to breathe, I would like to share a story of the great Emma McIntosh. I am Deborah from Pennsylvania and my Ask Emma question was answered at approximately 18:00 on Ask Emma March 2018, Part 1. Her accuracy literally brought me to my knees. Here goes: My sweet Mother's name is Dorothy. She was in fact hysterically funny (that's where I get it.) I'm sure she thought it was funny to dress as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz because, as you can see, this was my wedding photo. My husband and I were married as part of a promotional event for the opening of the Las Vegas MGM Grand casino's new Emerald City. My sweet Father's name is Dominick. I am the youngest of seven daughters, and my eldest sister Mary crossed over in August 2017. We all loved her dearly, but you could NEVER get a word in edgewise when she was around (sorry Mary, but that is an important fact ;)) For the last few years of my sister's life, she lived with her daughter and son-in-law. Her son in law's name is Brock. So my Friends, I assure you, this is the real deal. And now to you Emma: I just want you to know that you just CHANGED LIVES. Nonbelievers in my circle yesterday are believers today. For 10 Euros, in less than 10 minutes. Don't change a thing. We Love You.
Debi K
Thank you
Thank you Erik for answering my question and merci beaucoup Emma for your translation. Beaucoup de câlins et de bisous!
Shorin K.
My Question
Wow, Emma. Thank you. We ve been considering Wilderness Survival Therapy for my son. You mention toward the end of your answer. It s comforting to hear that this would be helpful. Thank you so much for answering my questions
My daughters question
Thank you Emma and Erik for the response to my daughter Jessica s question. She is a natural artist and is also very physically attractive. Her sense of self is very much tied in with her appearance so Erik s response to her cracked me up. His answer to her question was very accurate and will give her a lot to think about.
Debra A.
Ask Adam
In the chillin with adam 'astrals' video, adam answered my question about moving. You channeled that we would sell our home and move to New England. Well yesterday we moved to New Hampshire!! You are amazing and he was right! Still waiting to see what the photography is all about but time will tell. You really have a gift!! Keep strong and keep doing what you are doing. Much love to you!
Lisa Estall
great reading
hello i had an hour reading with emma and it was great, i even got to talk to erik, this lady is so good and make, you feel comfortable love her and erik
My ask erik question
Hi Emma this is Maureen K and I just heard my question answered. I am so excited and blown away that Erik was so accurate, especially about the music answer. Thank you thank you thank you Emma and Erik. You guys made my day. Sorry for pestering you awhile back about when this ask Erik would be posted. I am so grateful to you two. Much love and light Maureen K
Maureen K
Re: my private reading
Hello From San Diego..I was fortunate to get a reading last spring with the beautiful Channeler Emma..I have had many readings through my 59 years of metaphysical studies and this reading changed my life in so many ways.. all my Erik readings have been fantastic, but this one was different, I received many names from spirit,which is highly unusual,and difficult to do..from my mom,dad,grandmother & from long lost relatives I hadnt thought of for years and years..I gained new insight that I have never had before through many mediums,psychics,and readers,,I highly recommend Emma and the cost although has gone up (a wee bit ) is EXTREMELY affordable & is well worth the wait and money ..She is such a pure medium and channel.. and now I understand that due to free will, we are just guided towards our truth and the helpers assigned to us will appear, if we allow !! thank you Emma, Erik, CE family..Stay Blessed always love on my end, Julie Raymos
Julie Raymos
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