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Emanuelle's Learn it live classes Summary

All classes can be attended live where you meet Emanuelle in real time from your computer or mobile device and all sessions are recorded for you to go back and re-watch as many times as you feel neccessary or to order at a later time.

All classes can be found and purchased by clicking on the folowing link:


The following classes can be ordered:
- Discover and manifest your true life path 1
- Discover and manifest your true life path 2
- Mediumship for beginners
- Intermediate mediumship class
- Advanced mediumship class
- Introduction to meditation(meditation for beginners)
- All about Autism

Customer Reviews

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I took Emma's 2nd class on: Finding Your Soul Path. 5 product stars
"I took Emma's 2nd class on: Finding Your Soul Path. At the end of the class it was all I could do to put my head down and shed tears of joy and RELEASE! Being able to "unburden" myself and move FOREVER OUT OF THE VICTIM STAGE" - is truly an epiphany !! In that short 60+ min I removed all the preconceived concepts that were making me FAIL !! I truly felt 100 pounds lighter. I was able to put my shoulders back and know that I had the skills to conquer an incredible MONSTER that was literally depriving me from living a FULL and ABUNDANT LIFE. Ahhhh....thank you Emma for that quick and painless "weight loss." :) You have earned your wings.." Karen D - 6/30/2018
Introduction into meditation 5 product stars
"Meditation Class Brilliant class, positive and upbeat. I especially like the exercises before meditating, that really helped to calm my monkey brain, I will definitely be encorporating that into my meditation practice." Amanda C - 6/28/2018
Introduction class meditation 5 product stars
"Great class - Intro to meditation I'm fairly advanced at meditation, yet I learned many new techniques in this great "beginner" class. Suitable for all levels. I can't wait for more classes!" Judy S - 6/28/2018
Introduction to meditation 5 product stars
"Review for Emanuelle's meditation session Emma was amazing and this session was very informative and practical." Sangeetha L - 6/28/2018
All about autism 5 product stars
"All about Autism Wow, this was such an informative class. Even though I do not have any autistic children/adults in my life at the moment I found this information invaluable. It has really made me sit back and think about how our brains work and process things, and how we all take the process for granted. The information was delivered in such an easy to understand format and all questions answered as we went along. Thank you Emanulle and Erik." Amanda C - 6/28/2018
All about Autism 5 product stars
"Autism She is wonderful and has a lot of insight about this topic!" Laura B - 6/28/2018
Mediumship for beginners 5 product stars
"Informative and Inspirational! Emma McIntosh shared many of her life experiences on her journey to being a medium. In doing so, she gave us proven methods to reprogram our thinking, banish fear, and open our awareness. The class was full of new information I had not heard elsewhere. I plan to utilize many of her suggestions and tools. So glad I participated in this class. Thank you Emma!" Beverly N - 6/28/2018
Mediumship for beginners 5 product stars
"Great Class on the Fundamentals of Mediumship I love that Emma covered the most fundamental aspects of Mediumship beginning with self-work and ending with Step by Step exercises for opening the 3rd Eye. Great beginning class!" Cindy A - 6/28/2018
Mediumship for Beginners 5 product stars
"The class was very informative. I am thankful for the opportunity to learn from someone so humble about their gifts and knowledge." Janey C - 6/28/2018
Mediumship for beginners 5 product stars
"Excellent class, covered all the basics and thourghly explained why we need to raise our vibration to connect with spirit easily. And of course techniques to do this work. Looking forward to the next class." Amanda C - 6/28/2018
Mediumship for beginners 5 product stars
"Always Terrific! I've found that any class that Emanuelle has is worth attending. As always I found the content of the class to be terrific!" Ken F - 6/28/2018
Mediumship for beginners 5 product stars
"Always Terrific! I've found that any class that Emanuelle has is worth attending. As always I found the content of the class to be terrific!" Ken F - 6/28/2018
Mediumship for beginners 5 product stars
"Emma is Amazing!!! The class was so informative, and fun. I learned so much from this class." Phyllis M - 6/28/2018
Mediumship for beginners 5 product stars
"Off To A Great Start This was my first Learn It Live event. I was really looking forward to being able to make sense of all my "happenings". I realize that everyone develops - and learns - at a different pace, which makes it difficult to teach Mediumship in a classroom setting. I have to admit, I enjoyed learning everything Emma had to share - it was for both the VERY new beginners and those who understand a lot already. For me, this class acted as both a catalyst and a confirmation. I'm excited to learn more and CAN'T WAIT for the Intermediate one!" Leilani - 6/28/2018
Excellent Mediumship for Beginners. 5 product stars
"I highly recommend this class. It has really helped me along my journey. Can t wait for the Intermediate Mediumship class." Karen R - 6/28/2018
Intermediate mediumship 5 product stars
"AWESOME Teacher This class taught me so much about how to energetically connect to spirit and tune in to what they're trying to tell me. It also helped to get answers to our questions and being able to hear what other students were encountering during their development process. It really was able to build on what I learned in the first Beginner Mediumship class. I HIGHLY Recommend both classes" Elleinnad D - 6/28/2018
Advanced mediumship 5 product stars
"Wonderful Advanced Mediumship Class Truly enjoyed to join you all Thanks Emanuelle for you do and share with us all!" Elleinnad D - 6/28/2018
Advanced mediumship class 5 product stars
"Excellent Teacher Emma is very thorough with what she covers in her classes. She is able to break things down so that you can take notes and she always answers our questions. This class is good for people who have some mediumship abilities and want to learn more." Jennifer K - 6/28/2018
Advanced mediumship 5 product stars
"The Icing On The Cake This is the third class in a series for developing mediumship abilities. Emma is an excellent, clear, and patient teacher. She's willing to share her real life experiences to make it easy for everyone to understand what they're going through and that it's "normal". She doesn't try to embellish or sugar coat it but she's such a sweet and kind teacher she makes you feel like you're the only student in the class. She also doesn't let ego get in the way of her teaching. She's very down-to-earth and approachable. I think that's what I love about her most. She's also authentic and honest. This class is about how to increase your ability to see spirit. It was the last step in my mediumship abilities. I'm still working on it but with the information I gained in this class, I'm getting better and better every day" Leilani - 6/28/2018
Discover and manifest your true life path 1 5 product stars
"EVERYONE NEEDS THIS Class! This is the first class in a series of 6 classes. In this class Emma shares tips and clear ways of helping people to recognize the different stages of spiritual progress. She also begins the difficult task of helping others to get themselves "un-stuck" from the rut we often find ourselves in when life seems to either be going nowhere or we keep repeating the same habits over... and OVER. I'm excited to keep learning more from her and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND her to anyone who's willing to put that mirror up and brave enough to be honest with themselves so they can change what hasn't been working and do the homework necessary to make a change!" Leilani - 6/28/2018
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