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Hello Dear Emanuelle, Thank you so much, your session with us was so important to find some peace and comfort in our grieving process. You validated so much of what was in our heart and what our intuition was telling us. Love to you and your family .

Diana C. 09/03/2023


I loved meeting with you yesterday, Emma! Thank you again so much... and for going SO far over time!! I appreciate all of the knowledge you provide.

Jackie 03/03/2023


Intuitive healing session

Hi, Emanuelle and Gerald,

Thank you so much for the Intuitive Healing yesterday. It has already helped me immensely.  

I've been checking my email and spam folder for the video, but I haven't received it. Can you remind me again where it will come from? Thank you.

Deb Johnson 14/01/2023


Lieve Emanuella, Allereerst wilden wij je bedanken voor de goede, fijne sessie die we hebben mogen ontvangen. Ook bedankt voor de andere informatie. Zodra ik weer op de been ben en alles weer normaal draait, duik ik erin. Lieverdje, nogmaals heel veel dank voor alles, Heel veel liefs en dikke knuffels

Maudeen S.12/01/2023



Thank you Emma for a lovely afternoon sharing your gift with us. Thank you for your openeness and kind and generous heart. You are a beautiful soul and a great mom. .  Loved that Angela came through.. so grateful , Big hugs

Donna  08/01/2023



Chère Emanuelle, I want to share with you my profound gratitude for your help and my appreciation of your wonderful and funny being.  I have the feeling that we share the same kind of life, and you know what, my husband is also a healer (magnétiseur)!  I dont know if "les bretons" know how lucky they are to have you around. Big kisses and Love to you and your family, i wish you a wonderful and magical One!

Frederique 01/01/2023


Stone order+spirit message

Hi sweet Emma, Your beautiful letter with healing stone arrived. 

The best Christmas present ever, everything you write is spot on and exactly what I needed to hear, and will try to work on, especially the loving message from my parents, it means a lot I can't tell you how much.

Thanks again, I wish you a very happy Christmas with all your loved ones with peace and health for all.

Much love

Régine 23/12/2022

Stone order+Spirit message

Hi lovely Emanuelle,

The stone arrived today and everything about it was spot on. The message was a lovely supprise as I didn't remember there will be one. There was not a single word I could not relate to, and it was also very reaffirming and consoling to my present time. "They" know me but you listen well . All the best to you and your family for the holidays and the year to come.  And lots of blessing for your center project. Thank you , Anu

Anu 09/12/2022

Stone order + spirit message

Hello Emanuelle. I received my bracelet. Thank you so so much. It came exactly when I needed to feel extra love and support. We checked our mailbox on Thanksgiving morning. It had been a few days since we had checked the mail. I always have a hard time emotionally around the holidays and opening the package with the incredible care and the love put into, and the letter was exactly what I needed that morning. You mentioned in my letter a grandfather figure you named Kenneth and a great grandmother energy named Elsie. My grandfather, Ken (Kenneth but everyonecalled him Ken), died when I was a little over  1 year old. My mom said right after he died she heard me in my room pointing to my horse saying something that sounded like I was referring to him being on my horse. When I was five I remember leaving out a pack of Smarties candy on my dresser for him on his birthday (St. Patrick's Day) to see if they'd magically be eaten. As a young child I was fascinated by the idea that he was still around even if I couldn't seem him. My mom confirmed that on my dad's side I had a great grandmother Elsie. To hear names of my guides and to know they were/are family means so much to me. To know this, makes me feel even more connected to the other side. To listen more and to also ask for guidance. 

It's hard for me to express how deeply grateful I am for the information you've shared in letter. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful gift with the world. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

Michelle  08/12/2022

Stone order

Hello Precious Emanuelle, Thank you sooo much for your beautiful words and stone to help guide me in my current journey. Many blessings to you and your family,

Martha Silva 07/12/2022

Stone Order

Hi Emma and Gerald, Your lovely package arrived last saterday. Thank you very much. I love the stone and I love the message my spirit team gave me. I was immediatly inspired after reading the letter for freshening up my healing and reading abilities.

Hillie Veenstra 06/12/2022

Stone order + spirit message

Hi Emma. I just received my beautiful rainbow fluorite heart. I’m so happy. I will wear it often and possibly always. My spiritual team know me so well. Thank you for being such a caring messenger. I hope to be of help to others in my own way. I know I am helping. Still work to be done. As I believe it never ends. Again thank you. Sending my love to you and your family. Hugs

Danette G. 29/11/2022

Stone order+spirit message

Hey Emma

Just letting you know I’ve received my package ! The stone is beautiful and the message is clear, accurate, and helpful as always. I appreciate you! Thank you

Happy Holidays,

Sydni 28/11/2022

Stone order+spirit message

Emanuelle,  I received my stone and message yesterday, Nov. 22, only one day after my birthday. What a wonderful gift.:) Thank you so, so much.

 Jillian K.  23/11/2022

Stone order+spirit message

Thank you sweet Ema I received my orders. As usual you are spot on! I love it!! Sending you love and light for all you do!

Kathleen E. 23/11/2022

Stone order + spirit messgae

I received the message and bracelet yesterday.  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it.  You were definitely spot on.  Bless you and your family.  I hope you have a very happy holiday season.  Take care.

Anne L. 22/11/2022

Kathleen E. 23/11/2022


Emma is an amazing and gifted soul who uses her unique second to none skillset connecting to the spirit realm and beyond to help others and thats exactly what Emma did for me. It was a totally incredible session that i think even Emma was buzzing with from the astounding information that came through. It may sound bizarre to some to say that i have never felt truly human and each day constantly feeling i don't belong here and my sleep sometimes interupted by energies, but during my session Emma was able to connect to my spirit team and get to the bottom of it all. Along with AA Michael an Angel called Zolna and 2 guides Emma was able to connect to a 5th dimensional being who relayed that i am an incarnated ET belonging to their species who was selected/volunteered to carry out a particular mission here on planet Earth which i now understand. There is no eago involved in this mission and could potentially benefit both of our worlds, without the beautiful gifted soul of Emma i don't know how this would have played out for me.

 Dear Emma thank you! so much love and grattitude x

Neil 06/10/2022


Free Angel card session

Hi Emma,

Just to let you know I was excited that my name was chosen for a card reading last night, Sunday, 2nd Oct. It was very accurate. Exciting again. A sign from the angelic realm. Just to let you know, Emma. I have a booking with you in May, Emma, and hope I will make progress by then as I am also doing up my small house in the heart of Cork city to bring positive energy into it. Thank you for the reading and I hope you and Gerald and the girls are keeping well. Maybe in the future I may visit your spiritual retreat when it is up and running.

Mary 03/10/2022

Email Reading

Thank you!

I was amazed with such a wonderful message. Thanks my Dear Emanuelle for your time and dedication to help other. God bless you and your beautiful family. Much love Clara

Clara Cabezas 01/10/2022


I had a reading with Emma tonight for the first time in a few years. I won't go into detail because it's personal but there is NO way she could have known some of the names she mentioned. She said the name of my uncle & cousin. They are not on social media. She talked about a black dog who comforts me called "Eeby". That was Ebby, a black dog that we owned many, many years ago. She said many other things that were very accurate. Emma, you've not lost your wonderful, God-given gift!!

Luciana 22/09/2022