Emma, I can't thank you enough for the insight you provided during my recent reading. Although many things had an impact, the one thing I valued most is that you alerted me of a potential health issue my father was having that he was unaware of. He, in fact, does have a medial issue related to his heart that was just discovered this week. He is taking the necessary steps to correct the problem and has hopefully avoided serious consequences. 

I feel blessed that I had the opportunity to connect with you and hope to reconnect again in the future.

Be well , Stacey

Stacey 23/09/2021

Intuitive healing session

Hi Emanuelle & Gerald 

First of all THANKS SO VERY MUCH for the amazing reading, healing session and advice! 

You two are such beautiful and lovely people - it was great to make your virtual acquaintance :)

Love and Light

Aamna 22/09/2021

Readings : Thank you Emma

 Thank you Emma……for being alive…..for reaching out to help others when I KNOW there are times your family would rather NOT share you.….and I know there are times you would rather not….

IT is a tremendous service you provide.  There are soooo  many souls that are at peace because you are able to heal them, direct them to the right place, provide them insight into healing themselves and learning how to be the best you can while living in a crazy world.

You have “profoundly” touched my life – you have helped heal 73 years of sadness.

You have literally put my soul to rest “before I died” – I can now enjoy life – shrug off the painful childhood – live in hope and healing. There is no price on the service you provide.  You literally brought me out of hell and into the light.

 I am deeply grateful to YOU and to God for putting you in my path.  God must love me tremendously to have granted me such a miracle. It is truly a blessing and a miracle to live my life in peace rather than waiting until I die to learn of my lessons. I can now add a bit more “control” to my life…God Bless YOU…and YOURS….and may your life be touched by the  angels…. J

Karen 23-08-2021


Hi Emanuelle, I just wanted  to say a very big thank you for your wonderful reading yesterday. It had so much insight and was so clear and accurate, it shook me, astounded me  and it also gave me a big hug- and push !  :)

I can't express how gifted you are, and what a light you are in the world, and how grateful that you took this role on and how great you are in it. You are truly incredible, and  I just wanted you to hear it again- as I am sure you have changed many many peoples lives.

Thank you and warmest regards, Stephanie

Stephanie Bowen 22/08/2021

Animal Communication session

Thank you for doing such a fantastic job. Best animal I have ever had!!! 

Sarah Curran 19-08-2021

Intuitive Healing session

Emanuelle and Gerald,

This was great! Next time, more Brutal.  You are too nice.  I'm ready for it!

Brutal or not, I loved it all and thank you for your time.  Thank you much, both of you! 

J. Sessions 18-08-2021

Astrology report

Hello Emanuelle

 Thank you sooooo much!! The messages resonated with me very deeply. It was the first time to have you pass me the messages from my spiritual team. Now I know, for real, why so many people around the world seek for your help. I'm so lucky I was able to order your astrology report. You actually did a lot more than how you described the service would be. Through the video, I was able to feel your love and support without a doubt. It's a big deal for me. Being able to imagine many people and spirits have been touched by you meant a lot to me. I'm like "Wow, it's doable!!"

 Your Erik's little comment was so cool, too. Honest and straightforward.

Thank you very much again. I watched your YouTube video you were talking in the yard a while back. Big area with grass and the big sky... you found a really great place :) With gratitude

 Kaori 06-07-2021

Astrology Report

Thank you for the video message. It does resonate me. Spirits know that I am badly want to manifest something. Sending love and light to you and your family.

Helen 28-06-2021

Astrology Report

Thank you so much!!  It absolutely made sense. Love you Emma!!

Ann L. 22-06-2021


Hi Emma,

I checked with my cousin who has the genealogy for my Moms side of the family. My Great Grandmothers name is Anna Marie. I very much enjoyed our session and I hope to give you more validations in the future. 

Thank you so much!!!

Patty B. 14-06-2021


Everything they said was especially meaningful. Your reading was especially meaningful. I just got finished writing 3 whole paragraphs trying to give you some context and meaning to what they said but decided to delete it because the story is just too long. Just know that what you communicated to me was very gratifying and helpful and I thank you.Thank you for your service and the work you are doing.

May the Universe "Bless" you and your family in every way.

Joel H. 14-05-2021

Astrology report

Hey Emma,

I just wanted to let you know, that your message resonated completely with me. Thank you again and have a wonderful weekend with your family :-)

Love Kim

Kim F. 08-05-2021

My healing stone

I purchased 8 stones and spirit letters for 8 people last fall from Emanuelle McIntosh when she was sold out in 3 minutes. Since my life has been in a bit of turmoil since then, I only recently distributed the gifts and they have been incredibly well received. I enjoyed lunch with my bestie, today to celebrate her birthday and she read me her letter from her spirit team and then she showed me her stone. I was touched that she shared her personal message with me but it was so spot on that we even laughed at certain parts at how accurate her team is. Her stone is a gold stone which I had never even heard of but as you look at it, you can literally see the universe glistening within it. It was mesmerizing. Thank you once again for your incredible gift, Emanuelle, and for sharing it with the world. You are a shining light in this rather dark world we are currently experiencing.

Kati Coppler 25-07-2020

My reading

I had a fantastically accurate, constructive and uplifting reading from you, and my life is better from following up on the insights and information shared.

Wendy Vegas 19-07-2020


My reading

Let me just say this Emma I have always been a spiritual person but also someone who believes there is scientific answers to all things even the spiritual and therefore I have been skeptical about certain things. I studied cold reading the way that TV mediums do and I always was able to pinpoint that it was either staged or it was very generalized. When My sister randomly stumbled upon a YouTube video and you had contacted my brother Aaron there was no doubt in my mind that you were the real genuine article. You had his personality you knew his kids, and you said things that only he would have said. It rocked me to my core if I’m being completely honest and it made me realize that there are real true genuine mediums out there and you are definitely one of them. You brought a little bit of closure to a situation that had ripped our family’s heart apart. So I will say this never EVER doubt your gifts and talents. You have done so much for me and my family and it meant so much too us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart .

Logan Osborne 16-07-2020

My reading

I am an ordinary person and Emma did a reading for me just over a year ago. She had no way of researching me as I had been off facebook for several months before my reading and she identified people coming through to me by their first name AND surname with spot on accuracy. She even got the name of one person from my childhood and identified them by their correct surname when I had only known them by an alias - I had to check the details afterwards and Emma had identified them 100% including how they knew me and what they died from. She got personalities and events so spot on it was absolutely extraordinary. And extremely comforting. Emma was sensitive and loving in the way she relayed the information where that was appropriate and, where the spirits were speaking with humour, she brought that through too. We are so lucky that Emma is willing to do the work that she does in bringing this to us via YouTube and in person because I would say her skills are at least as great, if not greater, than the celebritiy mediums who are obviously charging and making a fortune through their work. Nothing wrong with that, they bring the message to the masses and for that I'm grateful, however I am also very appreciative that Emma makes herself available to anyone who wants to learn and understand.

Juliet Lynn 15-07-2020

My Reading

I actually had a session with Emma. There were personal things mentioned, that I never told anyone. lol Not even my husband. One of them being, i kept asking my guides for their names. & They sure did. They even explained their roles in helping me here. Emma is phenomenal at what she does. After my session with her, I wholeheartedly follow/believe the things her guides reveal to her. She is a wonderful spiritual teacher!  Legit

Renee W.   07-06-2020




Emma is a brilliantly gifted medium who channels with accuracy and clarity. She possesses a kind and loving soul presence that is apparent in all she does. It is obvious that she is passionate with her actions. Her channeling with Jesus moved me but not nearly the same astounding effect that I received when she channeled “God Source”, that video was very moving and touched my heart in a profound way. I am very aware of others who channel and I have viewed quite a few, I’m sure they are gifted as well, Emma just delivers messages so beautifully with absolute clarity. Her heart is very special and it is very apparent that the guides, spirits and Source trust her to deliver their messages. Emma is just very special!! Sending love and light to all who follow her.

Christine Keathley Blenker 22-5-2020

Online class The road to enlightment part 1

Highly recommended for Spiritual and Self development. This class was an eye opener for me. I've been working on self development for a while but after taking this class I realized that I still had a lot of work to do. Issues and things that I thought I had overcome, I realized there are still patterns, thoughts and behaviors I need to be aware of. It was an 'aha' light bulb moment for me! I'm so happy to have found Emanuelle and her classes!

Cherrise H. - 02-5-2020



My reading with her changed so much of my life for the better. She spoke with such speed and comfort going right to the core of all I needed to hear. It was beautiful. She’s full of light and love and gives her very best.

Mandy D. 27-3-2020


She is absolutely AMAZING! She told me a year and a half before my dad died to make peace with him because his time was limited and that he didn't have much time. I thought she was full of you know what at first but she predicted he was going fall ill and pass suddenly and that's exactly what he did. I was shocked but so glad i listened to her. She gave me the gift of making peace with my dad that i probably wouldn't have done without her.

Amanda Cantu 26-3-2020




I have had a few readings with her and the information was so specific and deep. I don't post personal stuff on FB either. I had a group reading too with her which I set up and emma was never told who anyone else in the group would be. Her reading was spot on for them and gave specific and detailed info she wouldn't have any way to know. She has helped me a lot.

Julie D. 25-3-2020


​On October 17, 2016 I had my 2nd reading with Emanuelle. In that reading a number of my family members, and one friend, came through loud and clear. From my mom, Emma was told that one of my daughters was going to have a baby girl and she mentioned the name Anna, but “Anna as in who has passed”, was going to be reincarnated. Anne is my maternal grandmother. I loved my grandmother. She was very special to me. In July of last year my youngest daughter, Anna, had a baby girl and I KNOW that she is my grandmother reincarnated. I just feel it. She has, from the beginning when she could first see, followed me with her eyes and always looks toward my voice whenever we are in the room together. She does not take her eyes off of me and she lights up when she sees me.

During that same reading Emanuelle passed on a message from my father. He told me to be ready for a rough future, that the whole country was going to suffer. He said to watch what we were spending over the next couple of years, that we should be prepared financially and to make sure that we had money that was safe and not invested in stocks. He said that rough times were going to be coming for my children as well and that there would be no job security. He said the US was going to crash and that it was all connected to the event (he showed Emanuelle a map of the world with legs coming out of the US) and that the economy, the export and import, was going to be greatly affected.

I’m sure my dad’s message relates to what is happening now.

Keep shining bright Emanuelle. God is with You!

Jeannette Sick - 25-3-2020

Online class Spirit communication for beginners

Really great overview. I got a couple really great nuggets of information. Wish I had found this class earlier, I could have saved a lot of money.

Cyndee W. - 25-3-2020

She is amazing and knows thing noone can look up. For example my sister's stepson committed sucide and he came through and the way he identified himself by saying his given name twice. When I spoke to my sister afterwards she said that a local psychic who aproached her after his death said he presented himself the same way. Which also was part of his sense of humour. She could not have researched that part. Nor could she have described aspects of my parents marriage that she described. Not available anywhere.
Michelle S. 24-3-2020

"I had my own reading with Emma . Emma just talked (and talked LOL) and told me about my team and family members both living and passed and it was absolutely mind blowing. In fact, she gave me the name of a member of my family who I had never even heard of and I validated it only after I hung up with Emma and called my uncle. I can't recommend this experience enough. Emma is such a gift to all of us and I'm honored to be connected with her and those of you who follow her! xoxo"

Karen - 6-3-2020

My reading

"I m forever blessed for this magnificent reading! So many validations have come to pass and I feel much more connected with my spiritual group. I can t thank you enough, Emma! I had my list of questions but opted to ask for messages for my other family members -yet- all of my questions were answered including ones about my Akash, my yet to be born daughter, and at the very end, Natuki dropped in to answer the question about my lifelong interest on the E.T. subject. As a child, instead of reading the normal books, I rented out all the paranormal/UFO books and not much has changed. Many blessings, all! So happy to be a part of your enlightened group! Emma you never cease to amaze!"

​Dustin J. - 5-3-2020


New Years Astrology Report

"Greetings Emma, I don't know exactly where to begin but I simply wanted to convey my sincerest thanks for the incredible service you provided my wife and I through the personal video you sent to us recently. Your gift is amazing and I am grateful that you are around to spread your message to those of who believe and are merely seeking guidance in this world. Honestly, your message from my team brought me to tears. It was incredibly spot on and timely information and I am still working through the impact it had on me. Again, I just wanted to say thank you and wish you well with all your future endeavors. Sincerely, E"

E. Martinez - 4-3-2020

​Animal healing

"I refered someone in one of my groups to Gerald for an animal healing. Her little white dog was in such distress, losing weight, getting sicker by the day & the vets she visited could not seem to help her little one. She posted afterward that her sweet little dog had an amazing recovery after she had a session with Gerald. The updated photos she posted after her dogs session were amazing to see. I would love to try one this year! Viva 2020"

Susan Ashley - 21-1-2020

Online class Spirit communication for beginners

Excellent!! Due to the time difference it was hard for me to attend the class live, but it was great that I could access it whenever I could. I finally got to watch it and I really enjoyed this class - I found it very helpful as Emma is very descriptive and I actually cried with joy of how much of it resonated with me. I am very grateful of all the awesome information she was shared.

Cynthia G - 30-12-2019

Online class Spirit communication for beginners

Incredible! Emma is an incredible teacher! Sharing her experiences with her fun personality, I am able to connect the spirit world . I look forward to the next session on energy and questions I have...lol. Thank you so much Emma!

Patty R - 17-12-2019

There are no words

"Dear Emanuelle, I don't think there are enough words to thank you and express my gratitude for my reading on December 12, 2019. Over the last few years, I have lost many loved ones including the worst, most heart wrenching loss of all, my beautiful daughter. Through my reading, you gave me peace and comfort knowing that my daughter is happy and with my Mom, Dad and the rest of my family. All the messages you gave me from my loved ones, as well as, my Spirit Guides and Angels gave me renewed hope. You Emma, are a true Angel. Your light, love and compassion radiates through your words and actions. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me and all others who need you. I will be forever grateful for the time you gave me and hope that one day we can talk again. Until then, I wish you peace, love, happiness and light. Warm Regards,
Mary B. - 16-12-2019

Online class Spirit communication for beginners

Excellent Class! This class totally resonates with me. Emma is a great teacher. Thank you!

Sue E. - 13-12-2019

Online class Spirit communication for beginners

ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT.Loved this class. Emanuelle is an excellent teacher - very clear and very helpful. Can't wait for the next one.

Annabel G.-12-12-2019

Online class Spirit communication for beginners

Thorough and useful information. I very much enjoyed this class, information is easy to understand and follow. I am looking forward to the class when offered.

Tarica K. - 10-12-2019


Online class Spirit communication for beginners


My consciousness shifted. Although I wouldnt call myself a beginner in the field of spirit communication it was still very important for me to take this class. It is always good to start with the basics. Emma explained everything so well and she encourages you to trust in yourself and your ability to receive messages. And on this I can grow even more confident. She also told us to be playful about it and I think this is key. The energy throughout the session was one of ease and I know what I have to do now to continue and grow. Meditation needs to be done on a regular basis (I know that but still had to hear it over and over again) ;) I cant wait for the next class as we will be doing more excersises. Emma also answered questions in the end of the session via chat. I have so much love for Emma and for what she is doing for us. Thank you for an amazing time and I am looking forward to more! Anna (from Austria)

Anna E - 09-12-2019

Online class Spirit communication for beginners
Amazing Class. I am new to this, so it is important for me to start with the ABC of Mediumship. I trust and know that I will accomplish my goal, and Emma is the best teacher for it. She is so down to earth, not complicated at all, and takes the time to explain thoroughly everything. She is respectful, funny, clear and so empathic.
I am looking forward to Lesson 2. Plus! The classmates were also great!!!! Loved it totally!!
Roxanne C - 08-12-2019
Thank you 

"I received my stone and the message you sent along with it from my spirit team could not have been more accurate. I don't know how you do it, but you are the most amazing individual I've ever had the opportunity be acquainted with. I cried for nearly 30 minutes in joy and comfort that my spirit team knows my journey and is with me and gave me solid advice as to what to work on. This has given me a huge sense of purpose and comfort and I wear my stone with pride. So again Emma thank you for your sacrifices in helping others to advance in our paths and experiences. Many blessings to you, Gerald and your family and good luck with your move to France. Much Love!! Dawn"
Dawn - 25-11-2019


Spot on 

"My daughter got her healing stone today. OmG the message is spot on. Thank you so much for sharing this special calling and gift with us. Victoria from Devon Uk"
Victoria - 14-11-2019

love it 
"I received my stone today. I love it! Reminds me of the beach where I get regrouped grounded and rejuvenated. Thank you for the picture of you and Gerald. Sending much blessings Lori"
Lori S.- 13-11-2019


Spot on 

"Dear Emma, I have received the beautiful stone today. The message is spot on, and can't be more accurate. It is exactly what I need to hear. I felt part of me is in denial, but my team is like we know better than you know yourself. Thanks for passing on the message. Sending you love and light."
Natalie K -12-11-2019


So happy 

"Hey Emma, I am so happy - my healing stone arrived yesterday :) And: It was the right moment. I am so grateful and feel seen for who I am. The words of my team already helped me and are in my heart and they will stay there. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work that you do. You are amazing and so beautiful. Johanna"
Johanna -6-11-2019


Healingstone and bracelet 

"Hi Emma, Hope you are doing well!! I received the pendant and bracelet today and they are absolutely gorgeous. I could feel the beautiful energy they carry. Thank you so much Have a wonderful day ahead !! Thanks Sangeetha"
Sangeetha L.-6-11-2019


My readings 

"Emma, Thank you so much for that reading today, it was so spot on. I really apperciate everything you do, the wisdom and truths you bring fourth help guide and heal so many souls. Thank you agian and many blessings! Dustin"
Dustin Jeanneret- 16-10-2019


"Hi Emma!! First of all thank you so much for the great session I had with you.I listen to the recording everyday and everything we talked about becomes more clear, the more I listen."
Amu Nair - 28-9-2019


"Dearest Emanuelle, Last week flew by so fast but I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I enjoyed my first reading with you so very much!"
Madeleine S. - 25-9-2019

Amazing Gifts
"Just received our stones in the mail today. The messages we received were amazing and on point with who we are. It bought chills and tears to my eyes reading my message and holding my stone. Thank you dear Emma for such amazing gifts that we will always treasure"
Angela Martinez - 26-9-2019


"I can vouch for Emanuelle's medumship/channeling abilities. She has channeled for me for the past 1.5 years w/ 40 sessions. She is authentic and credible. For people who do not have the knowledge of channeling/mediumship it involves someone who can read energy of higher frequency. All of us read energy w/ our 6 senses, but at a lower frequency of what our senses enable us to do. However, it is my understanding that all of us can channel higher frequency, but it will take discipline and practice. Do not believe the negative stereotypes and fear tactics that authorities try to induce in us to maintain control. I listen for the substance of part 1 and 2 of this Jesus channeling. If so, you will have expanded and awaken in this message. God bless, in which we all have God w/in us. May you hear the truth of Jesus' message. Cheers!"
Mary Fong - 19-9-2019

Online Class 2 The road to enlightment

"It is for anyone who wants to "make sense of their life.""
Karen D. - 19-9-2018


Intermediate Mediumship Class 

"Emma has warm spirit and takes a subject that could easily be intimidating and breaks it down for use in daily practical terms"
Ashley G - 19-9-2019


Class 3 The road to enlightment 

"I recommend Emanuelle McIntosh. Emma is really good at making you understand and practice the steps toward manifestation."
Diane C. - 19-9-2019


Class 1 The road to enlightment 

"I recommend Emanuelle McIntosh. she is an excellent medium with great insight, caring and passion."
Ignacio M. - 19-9-2019


The road to enlightment class 1 

"I recommend Emanuelle McIntosh I am so inspired by Emanuelle. She teaches with passion and Love, is easy to follow and very thorough. So grateful for her."
Kate Y - 19-9-2018


Class 6 The road to enlightment 

"Emanuelle McIntosh is an exceptional medium, spiritual guide, and teacher. Knowing her has been like making a friend, though we live thousands of miles apart."
Kate Y. - 16-9-2019


Road to enlightment classes 

"I took 5 classes so far and loved each one of them. A guide for spiritual growth. Each class is like a meditation session for me. I have listened to them over and over numerous times."
Amu N. - 1-9-2019

Lifecoaching session 

"thank you sooooooo much for the amazing coaching session yesterday. It makes all the difference. I finally know the right direction for me and it feels so good. It's like falling in love with the world again, if you know what I mean :-) Much love Andrea"
Andrea W. - 8-9-2019

My reading
My Reading "Hi!! I just wanted to let you know that after I had a session with you a few years ago it completely changed my life! In the session you said I would be taking Dolores cannons method, qhht. Well just to update you I m now one of the teachers! I m now a level 3 practitioner (there are only 14 in the world) and I teach all over the world as well as have clients. People always ask me how I got here and I always tell them about my session with you! Thanks for all you do"
Sarah B. - 31-8-2019


My Healingstone
"Emanuelle McIntosh I received my stone. Thank you very much. You were right on. My bf laughed when I read it thi him because hope accurate it was. Thank you!! Blessings!"
A. Nastasi - 29-8-2019


Healing Stone
"Emanuelle McIntosh I received my message and man oh man! Listen it was amazing and for those who didn't get in this time dont get discouraged just keep trying- it is def worth while and EM you are an incredible spirit thank you thank you thank you for offering this to all of us. Guys talk with your team about getting in there- Yall wont be disappointed"
Ashley Greenough - 29-8-2019


My stone
"Hi Emanuelle, Today was very good day. I receive stone together with letter from my spiritual team and you with husband. Thank you very much. Stone is beautiful and letter even better. Sending you love and healing energy. Sincerely Jerzy "
Jerzy Krukowski - 29-8-2019


life coaching session 

"Dear Emma, our lifecoaching session yesterday was beyond amazing! I m processing all the important information and love that I received, and it s become clearer and clearer in my mind, like a revelation. You validated every feeling, emotion and deepest though, and you were so honest, open truthful and spot on."
Ana Segurado - 28-8-2019

My Reading

"Just wanted to tell everyone that I had an amazing reading with Emma today. She was able to connect with my grandfather who has been dead since about 1960. He had an unusual nickname used by his grandchildren because we couldn't say "grandfather" when we were young. We called him "Gandan" and there's no record of that on the internet. It blew me away. She also connected with my husband who crossed in February and shared so many insights from him, which have brought me peace. Thank you, Emma, for all that you share with us and always know that you are cherished and loved. xo"
Carol McIntosh - 19-8-2019


"She explains how she channels after introducing herself, then goes into what she picks up from you. In my case that didn t happen because I asked my question right away. The question that I asked, only my Spirit Guide knew about and she allowed him to answer the questions. She was spot on bringing some family members through and giving me messages from them. I highly recommend Emanuelle McIntosh and will use her again!"
Peggy Sue F. - 26-7-2019

My Reading

"Emanuelle has changed my life this year. Back in February I hit a brick wall with my life. I lacked self confidence in my work, and struggled greatly with fear of failing. After a 1 hr reading with Emanuelle, she completely changed my way of thinking upside down. Everything she said just clicked, and resonated with me. Thanks to her, I took her guidance and I am set to release my first book next week - for parents of Autistic children. Everything in the book came from my inner voice. I stopped with the doubts, and just let the pen work on the paper...."
Emma G - 26-7-2019


Love you
"I first saw Emanuelle on Channelling Erik. I have now found her You Tube channel & been listening with great interest as Erik as her guide. They make a great team as they pass on spiritual knowledge in a clear simple way that I can follow & understand. Thank you. I look forward to learning more in the future . Love & Light Jill in the UK. xxx"
Jill Shepherd - 26-7-2019



"I have never seen anyone so accurate and loving! Ive listened to Emma for a few years now and resonate better with her than most"
Candace Stubblefield - 26-7-2019


"I just wanted to give a Big Thank You to Gerald McIntosh for his excellent healing yesterday. Not only do my knees not hurt but the appearance of the water retention or swelling around my knees is gone. My hands feel much better also. Looking forward to the rest of the week for the energy to fully continue to work through me."
Carla G. - 26-7-2019


My first reading
"Emma has such an amazing gift and I am so grateful to have had a reading 2 weeks ago. She was accurate on All the information. I had been praying to everyone( angels, guides, guardians, friend, family) to come thru during my reading and give me answers to some issues ( health and other). The 1st thing Emma said was oh my, you have A lotof people here for you . Then I got answers(this is after many doctors and no answers). I have been doing what I was told by one of my angels for the medical issue and it is working! In the middle of my reading, a woman came thru with a message, I had no idea who this was and none of the info she provided made sense to me. Then the woman said she was for Carol . This Carol was my dads new wife ( who I know nothing about). I called her and verified that this woman was her departed sister in law and everything in the message was accurate (name, spouse, how she passed and the message). The thing that amazed me the most is that I had written down 8 questions that I wanted advice/answers for, and I had asked my group to help me. I did not have to ask 7 of them, because they were brought up during the reading. Amazing! There is no way anyone could have researched these since they on a notepad with me! I am so blessed to have gotten what I needed in my reading. Thank you Emma!"
Laurie Turner - 24-7-2019


"I experienced my first hour long reading with Emma recently. (this past week). I was brought down to my knees in awe and gratitude. Named my deceased family members exactly - even named a great-grandmother I did not know. I had to verify the name and my sister knew right away.I was given insite to the battles I need to be aware of in my life today. Given the tools on how to fight those battles and help/heal /improve myself. Met my guides and angels By name who I can call upon. A Nonna came in I shook my head - I didn't know a nonna. Then she spelled S acco !! That was my fathers name!!! So I knew it was someone from his side. After the reading was over I remembered Nonna meant grandmother in Italian. OMG !!!! I was close to her. I can't explain the messages of love, kindness and support that poured over me during that hour. I can't explain the "peace" that settled over my life after the opportunity of "touching" the lives and faces of those who had passed on that I loved. Now I know who to call out for help....I know I am loved....I knowI will be with my loved ones and those I don't know when I pass on. Without a doubt this surpassed the greatest experience I had "to date" - the birth of my 3 children. It has left me transformed and working harder to be deserving of their love and support. God bless you Emma. I can't think of any higher praise than God bless you!!!!!(and I love your hair)........ :"
Karen Decker - 13-7-2019


Advanced Mediumship 

"I recommend this course to those, who want to take their channeling skills to the next level, who want to sense the energy around them, feel the energy in their body and want to find the door within them that opens to other amazing worlds. There are a lot of practical pieces of information that are useful."
Irina Furin - 11-7-2019

Healing stone

"Yes Emma and my spiritual team have me pegged. I m exactly as you said in the letter. I noticed also that my flight today took 2 hours and 22 minutes. Thank you"
Judy C. - 6-7-2019

Another Home Run

"Another home run Emma. Tears again a how you and the spirit team sees it as it is from within. Much love..."
Kati Coppler - 6-7-2019

My stone

"I received my stone and spot on message! Fabulous - just what I needed! I even felt the need to hold the handwritten message you sent along hoping I could receive some positive Emma juju!"
Debi K. - 4-7-2019


My stone
"Thank you so much Emanuelle for my bracelet and letter! I've been fond of tiger's eye for as long as I can remember, so it's very fitting to have received the tiger's eye bracelet! As soon as I put it on, I could feel the energy you and my team infused in it. This means so much to me! Love and light to you!"
Lexi Dav - 4-7-2019


"Thanks Emma for my healing bracelet and spirit message that arrived in the U.K. today. My hubby says that the writings are me to a tee! Thanks again girl"
Daisy Lou - 2-7-2019


Live channeling California 2019
"I had been watching Emma s Youtube videos throughout the summer of 2018. On December 7th, I lost my dad. The same day the tickets went on sale for her first Live Rolling with Emma and Friends Event in California. A dear friend in So Cal, purchased our tickets as a Christmas present to me. My father and I were extremely close. Living and working together, all but a few years of my life. So, for months I yelled at him in my head that he better be there. And I had a reality check when Emma stated to the group on FB that she would disappoint some of us. On the day of the event, my emotions were crazy at best. I often teared up during panel questions and presentations. I even waved frantically when Gerald (Emma s husband) offered a healing demonstration for a lucky audience member. Anyway, as Emma was sharing how she receives messages for the two hour live reading. I remember sinking in my seat with nervous, excited, crazy energy. And you can watch on Youtube how completely unprepared (emotionally) I was for her to say my dad s name, first. Everything she said rang truth. Overwhelmed by everything she stated, I could barely speak. I was crying so hard, I couldn t hear everything. Thanks to Kati, I was able to listen to the audio of my reading that night, multiple times. Unveiling more to me in further review. As I embark on my spiritual journey, I know I have found the right person to guide me through the chaos and doubt that blocks my mind from my heart. Now, I am eagerly awaiting for Emma s schedule to open up but I know I have work to do before my time will come again. This is my story. I followed my heart, and so should you. Best Wishes!"
Brandi Randall - 19-6-2019

Thank you

"I have to say Emanuelle that the one l got was absolutely amazing. This is something l will cherish for the rest of my life. I expected a one line message and l got a letter with the most amazing message that was spot on. You put your heart into it starting with a beautiful envelope. You became a part of my family that day... Thank you Maggie"
Maggie N. - 13-6-2019


My reading
"Emanuelle was so sweet and helpful and delivered such accurate information straight away!! She has really helped me to connect with my spiritual team and allow me to hear exactly what I need to hear. She is amazing and such a blessing thank you Emanuelle!!!"
Alice - 12-6-2019

Life coaching

"Emanuelle is able to translate for you what your loved ones who have passed on to the other realm their messages to help you to have a closure or healing! Emma also is the great teacher of spirituality as she is grounded and connected to higher source, her energy has drawn in thousands of others who like me is seeking the truth and Emma is able to get us the answers that help us feel more connected and true to ourselves! I had a life coach session with Emma earlier this year in January because I couldn t get a reading with her due to her popularity that usually a six month waiting! I loved to listen to her explaining how things happened and what she has guided into which I ve yet to get to lol!Anyway I highly recommend Emma to you all for a journey of awakening!"
Kim H. - 25-5-2019


"Emanuelle, your gift is really a gift to everyone that has the chance to encounter you on their path, whichever direction it has come from and whichever way it is going. You have such clear vision and your readings are filled with love and compassion. I have had four readings with you and have sat in on one that you gave to my sister. During my readings I always felt that my loved ones were right beside me talking to me. You brought messages from the ones that I needed to hear from the most as well as others who I never expected to hear from. You validated their presence by saying their names and describing them perfectly. Through you my Higher Self was able to communicate with me and actually made me listen. True and pure energy flows effortlessly through you and your guidance in my life has been absolutely invaluable. Thank you."
Jeanette Sick - 25-5-2019

My healing stone

"My message from spirit moved me to tears. ️ I will wear my Stone with love and as a reminder of spirit's message. Thank you Emanuelle McIntosh ️"

Marie D. - 18-4-2019

Healing Stone

"Hi Emma, I received my stone :) thank you so much, the message was perfect for me and I love my ametrine Laurie ️"
Laurie T. - 14-4-2019

Healing stone

"Hi Emanuelle and Gerald! Just wanted to let you know that I ve received the stones today, that s incredibly fast: Belgium to USA (Illinois) in 7 days. They re beautiful and messages are absolutely spot on! Thank you both for sharing your precious gifts with us. May light and love always surround you and your families. ️Barbara"
Barbara - 12-4-2019


Lifecoaching with Emanuelle Plug
"I have been working with Emanuelle for over a year now to help me get onto my life purpose s path. So within a single session, we have discussed my family dynamics in great detail, what I am to learn and what my family members are here to learn. How I can best BE in that construct for my highest good as well as theirs. We also discuss the guidance I have gotten from my guides and how best to implement them, the timing and the order. That some hits are for further down the road. This helps me to prioritize as I can still get easily overwhelmed. Not only do the sessions help to validate my intuitive hits but Emma has also witnessed my growth over more than a year so she is able to share the changes that she sees within my energy as well. And talking to her is like talking to a best friend. She is very warm and open. And simply lovable"
Katrin C. - 5-4-2019


"I had my first reading with Emanuelle McIntosh today and can't begin to tell you how amazing she is!"
Karen A. - 5-4-2019


My Reading
"My reading with Emanuelle yesterday was so wonderful. I m still feeling the love and amazement today. If you re considering having a reading, do it, you won t regret it! I am so happy for the insightful advice given by my guides about my mission and my family. I didn t ask the questions I ve been struggling with and still all of the most important ones were answered quickly and clearly. It was such a beautiful experience. Emanuelle, you are incredible and I m blessed to have been lead to you. I ll be taking your classes and I m looking forward to our next session!"
Mandy D. - 26-3-2019


"Amazing lady with an amazing gift."
San N. - 25-3-2019

Healing stone and energy healing

"Thank you so much Emanuelle McIntosh and Gerald McIntosh for the stone and letter I have received yesterday. The message from my team is resonating 200% and I have received the confirmations and answers that are the most important in my life right now. It is so life changing, thank to your dedication and generosity. I also have to say that I LOVE the cute envelope and the beautiful picture of you and Gerald. And last but not least, the healing session done 2 month ago with Gerald has improved my headache a lot, big time! Thank you, thank you thank you! I feel so blessed Sending you a lot of love!!!"
Cyrille z. - 23-3-2019


Healing session
"The healing session done 2 month ago with Gerald has improved my headache a lot, big time! Thank you, thank you thank you! I feel so blessed Sending you a lot of love!!!"
Cyrille z. - 23-3-2019


Energy Healing
"I had a healing with Gerald and it was incredible....I truly enjoyed and benefitted from it. For me....it was well worth the time and the price was reasonable... "

Karen d. - 23-3-2019

My stone

"I recieved my stone and message from my spiritual team.I Love it.Thankyou so much.I also got a 20 inch sterling silver chain so it's at my heart chakra. Funny I recieved it yesterday and posted it also yesterday."
Barbara c. - 21-3-2019


Lifecoaching session
"I just had a fantastic life coaching session with Emanuelle. I feel like her and Gerald are my friends, and it was nice and easy talking with them. I know I m preaching to the choir, but seriously- if you ever doubted her, don t. Book a session and trust. ️ I might not go through with what we discussed and/or it might take me a lot of time (courage), but talking about it with her helped more than any regular therapy session I ve had. Thanks again, so much love and gratitude"
Natascha J. - 18-3-2019


My healing stone
"Hi Emanuelle and Gerald, Thank you so much for my beautiful stone received today..the message from my spirit team was so spot on and really reasonated with me. I am truly grateful.. Love and light Ann xx"
Ann - 10-3-2019

Stone arrived

"Yay! My son s pendant arrived yesterday. And his guides message is so touching and right on point. I teared up reading it as I know it to be true. Much love to you Emanuelle, Gerald, and your and Zac s spirit team."
Kati - 9-3-2019


Healing stone
"I received the healing stone today! I was happy to receive it so quickly. My spirit team s message for the healing stone really rings true. I look forward to having a reading with you as I am wondering what may have transpired in previous lives to make me the way I am. My spirit team is correct. I have been trying to find myself. And I have been hard on myself for not progressing/healing as well and as fast as I thought I should. Thank you for the encouragement."
Christina R. - 5-3-2019


Life coaching session 

"I too had a life coach last month and hadn t posted a thank you to Emanuelle like you today so can I pls tag along to say that Emanuelle was amazing in going beyond and above what asked of her she answered all questions patiently and I felt as if she knew what my questions were, felt like she read my mind! I booked a life coaching with Emanuelle all for a chance to be close and personal with her and to ask her all questions that I had had about her abilities one of which was her perfect spot on English being a Belgian!!! Amazing!"
Kim H. - 20-2-2019


Life coaching session
"Thank you very much Emanuelle for my amazing life coaching session earlier today . It was exactly what I needed at this stage of my journey. I feel refocused and re-energised ️ You're amazing at what you do! Thank you"
Emma G. - 20-2-2019


"Emanuelle is amazing! Highly recommend a reading"
Leslie - 15-2-2019


Love my stone
"Just got mine yesterday in the USA. Thank you Emanuelle! Your personalized message from my "team" matched me exactly. My husband even remarked. The stone she sent is so beautiful, and custom just for me.. Much appreciated. Judy C. Xoxo"
Judy - 13-2-2019

​​My readings with Emma
"Emma is astonishing in her gift. I have had two readings with her and she is the most talented Medium in the world today. In my last reading, I never even had to ask my questions (written on a list beside me). Emma already knew. I love the fast pace of Emma's readings (now I understand why she delivers/speaks so fast) which I absolutely love - so much valuable/enlightening content. If you can get on Emma's schedule for a reading, Do it. I feel utterly blessed to have had my two readings with her. So very precious and important to me"
Julie W. - 15-2-2019

Beautiful reading
"Thank you for my beautiful reading. It was what I needed"
Leslie M. - 8-2-2019


My reading
Spiritualize the intellectual instead of intellectualize the spiritual..." Makes a world of sense for someone who reads, studies, takes classes but sucks at putting the amassed info into practice! Noted! So much praise and heartfelt thanks to Emanuelle McIntosh and the charming Erik  for bringing clarity to me and much needed peace to my weatherman. I love you guys."
Michelle A. - 30-1-2019

My ask Emma Question

"Emanuelle I have just listened to you answering my January question ( 2nd one in) about my mother in law Doreen. I openly admit that at first I felt it sounded quite general, although she was indeed a mother hen. Buy them.....you nailed it girl! You then said that when she came home, someone named Neil really comforted her and guided her to reconnect with her true essence. Emma, Neil was the name of her second born who was born with brain damage back in the 1950 s and died when he was approx 2 yrs old! I am now married to his older brother. No one has ever picked up on Neil before, and it isn t such a common name for you to randomly pick, so I am 100% sure that it was Doreen connecting with you. I will now try to see signs of her communicating with us! My husband, Neil s brother who was only a few years old when Neil passed, was also amazed. Thank you, thank you Emma! Much love to you"
Kate - 30-1-2019


My Reading
"I m not sure if Emanuelle needs it as a recommendation or review, but i loved my reading last week. I drafted few questions in the last hour before the session and i didnt get to ask them yet i had so many answered and more. A lot of guidance came through and i really appreciate it. Still processing. I still remember another post of a lady sharing how much Emanuelle told her about her relatives on the other side. I was clear with myself i didnt need that. I needed guidance and it still amazes me thinking back how that is exactly what happened. Just awesome."
Elena B. - 13-1-2019


"Hi Emanuelle,Thank you for the great reading yesterday. The information couldn't have been more timely and it was great to hear from my spiritual team again. Since my first reading with you, I've been impressed and have never failed to grow as a person and gain insight and wisdom from the experience, so I look forward to them as if the holidays are rolled up into one hour. You were very kind to extend past the hour, but even so time went so fast that the session seamed to last maybe fifteen minutes at most. I will do my best to put the information I received to good use.With Much Gratitude,Ken "
Ken Funte - 6-1-2019


"Hello Everyone! I just had a reading with Emanuelle, my 1st ever, I waited for a year and it was worth it, divine timing, don't knock it! She told me about my Team of 4 Angels & Guides. They told me what I needed to hear and life can be more magical as long as I'm Co creating. I have free will. My Daddy came thru and she described him down to the smile and goatee. We are kindred he and I, and when he made the transition a piece of my heart went away with him. He's making me claim it back...Ok Daddy! Emanuelle couldn't know about Father's day & my birthday. It was our father daughter time. He said to set a place for him and me this year! Yay! She got Michelle & Michael, they were my 1st Twin Cousins. Christine was my friend that transitioned Xmas this past year, so glad for the hugs and kisses! Miss her very much. So glad she's happy. Erik is around me and I know when! Yay I am intuitive! So much more but Emma thank you from the bottom of my heart. Hugs kisses thank you...thank you...thank you. I'll do it again, you know how unique my family is...so not stepford. Lol Muah!"
Kim - 3-12-2018


My Reading
"I had a very good reading with Emanuelle! she told me things she could not know from other sources. She helps to gain insights. I highly recommend!"

Andrea Meyskens - 16-11-2018

"I just had my first reading with the Great Emanuelle McIntosh via Skype on Friday and my life will never be the same ️"
Debi Kandrot - 12-11-2018


Thank you 

"I had a life coaching session with Emanuelle yesterday, and I don't know how, but she knew everything going on in my life just from my energy. It was amazing. I got a lot of clarity and the changes I need to make in my life and feel 100% lighter today and excited about the future. Thank you Emanuelle!!!"
Patty B. - 5-12-2018


Life coaching session 

"I had another amazing life coaching session with Emanuelle yesterday. I highly recommend signing up for one if you haven t done so. It helps me to get my bearings for the next few months and then I ll have another one. My life is finding a new and wonderful groove. Woohoo!"
Katie Coppler - 4-11-2018


"I can only speak for my experience with Emanuelle. The first time she and I spoke, she told me that Jesse was with her. I racked my brain trying to figure out who Jesse was Then I realized that it was my step grandmother s mom who passed away when I was six. She also brought through, by name, my uncle and my husband s Grand father, (who passed away before my husband was born). I was giddy! There was absolutely no way she could have known these things!!!!"
Kerry Powell - 28-10-2018


"Emanuelle, thank you for the spiritual reading, it was exactly what I needed to hear ️"
Laurie T - 24-10-2018

My ask emma question
"Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for what you do. I sent a question in this month and it is the first time I have had an experience with a medium or spirit. You described my mum perfectly and left me with no doubt that it was her you were communicating with. I am still trying to process this realisation but thank you for being strong enough to use the gifts you have to help others"
Becky - 24-10-2018

My ask emma question

"Emanuelle i just found my question! can't believe that Erik said Hi to me, and you pronunced my name correct. unbelieveble i am so gratefull! thank you so much!"
Amra - 23-10-2018


Ask Emma question October 2018
"Oh, Emanuelle. I am sitting here bawling. My daughter Bobbi definitely came through as herself- I knew it from the start because she hated being called Bobbi- her name was Barbara, and she preferred that. And you got it spot on with the Stewie character going "Mom..mom...mom..." That used to be one of her ringtones on her cell phone. And I know she is  still her  silly sweet self now! Thank you so so very much. You validated so much for me- I know she will be waiting for me now. I love you so much Emanuelle, thank you."
Rhonda L - 23-10-2018


Intermediate Mediumship Class 

"Dear Emanuelle, I was watching the Learn It Live Intermediate Mediumship course from December 2017 last night. It was so very helpful, so very on point, and I loved how you were channeling Spirit real time during the session. It was also interesting that when Erik stepped closer, your voice became so distorted . At one point your voice was (briefly) slowed down so much that it sounded like the clicks that dolphins make! Thank you for all that you do, share, and give. I am registered for the March Mediumship class as well. Namaste, Marilyn"
Marilyn JoKo - 22-10-2018


Discover your true life path class2 

"In this session, Emanuelle explains how to rid yourself of the victim-mentality way of thinking. Even if you thinkyou don't operate in that mode of thinking, chances are high you've done it somewhere, at some point, along the way. Learn how to change that way of thinking and not get sucked into it again - or get trapped into other people's drama. Great class! Again, this is something everyone can learn from"
Leilani L - 19--2018


Discover your true life path Class 3 

"Each time I take a class with Emanuelle, I learn something new! In this class about manifesting, I learned a LOT of new things. The most important thing I learned is that I truly am the master of my own destiny. I'm the author and the publisher of my own story - with every thought and deed. Emma taught me how I can change the story and write what I want to read about. I don't have to be a part of anyone else's boring book :) Thank you Emanuelle! You're an Inspiration"
Leilani L - 19-10-2018


discover your true life path class 4 

"This was an amazing Class. This was Number 4 out of 6 classes in a series. It was the most transformative and informative one, for me. Understanding how energy and thoughts work and how to shift what we want or need into our reality so that we can utilize what we have to gain a better awareness of what we need - it can be very empowering. I highly recommend both this class and this teacher, Emanuelle. She shares real-life experiences to help her students "see" and "feel" a difference. You'll walk away with a better grasp on this subject and learn to manifest your true life path!"
Leilani - 19-10-2018


Live class 3 manifestor consciousness 

"My keyboard was not working so I need to say it here. Emanuelle, you are amazing. Thank you for sharing your wisdom in such an easy-to-understand manner in the manifestation classes."
Kati Coppler - 8-9-2018


I took Emma's 2nd class on: The road to enlightment. 

"I took Emanuelle's 2nd class on: the road to enlightment. At the end of the class it was all I could do to put my head down and shed tears of joy and release! Being able to "unburden" myself and move forever out of the victim stage" - is truly an epiphany !! In that short 60+ min I removed all the preconceived concepts that were making me fail!! I truly felt 100 pounds lighter. I was able to put my shoulders back and know that I had the skills to conquer an incredible monster that was literally depriving me from living a full and abundant life. Ahhhh....thank you Emanuelle for that quick and painless "weight loss."  You have earned your wings.."
Karen D - 30-6-2018


"Emanuelle, I just wanted to thank you so so much for my reading yesterday I have shared the video with my family and they all say what a gift you have and that my reading was a blessing to us all Bye for now Susan"
Susan B - 22-10-2018


 My Entire Life Reviewed 

"Prior to scheduling this session - I had already known that I really didn't care about talking to friends/family that passed away....I didn't need to seek area of guidance. I truly did want a "Life Coaching." I am concurrently taking Emma's "Road to enlightment" and I just "knew" this was something that would compliment my education. This session was everything I needed. I am so very, very happy that I elected to do this (at a much cheaper price) than 1 Hr Spiritual Translator. The words from her mouth were "inspired" by spirit - I am sure. Who else in the counseling professions could possibly have the "insight" that she was able to bring to the readying. I am a very young 70 and I have carried around a lot of baggage from my childhood. I have worked very hard throughout my life to get the best/most pretigious education that I could - to be as successfuly as i could - all in an effort to wipe out the sadness of my childhood and 3 failed marriages. (I'm being pretty frank and honest here) Within 10 min of 60 - I got the answer that I had been seeking and/or trying to "fix" all my life. When I left the counseling session I was in tears. I "knew" I would die with my heart and soul finding "peace" - finally. I am not learning to love and accept myself - inspite  of the damage from my childhood. To reach a stage of "forgiveness" - to actually find "the lesson" each one of those experiences gave me - and to understand the 'big  picture " I truly, truly believe this life coaching session was so much more beneficial to me than the spiritual session reading. As I earlier shared....I really didn't need to talk to deceased friends/family - I'll see them again. Rather I needed to "take care of me !" Oh! I made one comment in the first 5 min of this session and Emma just "picked up the ball and ran with it." There was no need for me to talk at all! She just continued to show me a "Reader's Digest" Version of my life - what I needed to do to take the "tough lessons" from my childhood and understanding what I needed to learn - acceptance and love of self! You just "sit back" and "turn her loose." She will have your life capsulized - presented in a clear and concise manner, and what I needed to "take" from that - turn that into love and acceptance of myself - and to make absolutely beautiful decisionsfor myself - for the rest of my life...(and carry that knowledge well into my future lives).... God BLess You, Emanuelle !
Karen D. - 18-10-2018


"My reading with Emanuelle was the best I have ever had. She gave me so much information. She knew names and situations and was straight on point. I highly recommend her!"
Patti O Neil - 16-10-2018


My reading
"My reading with Emanuelle today was mind blowing. She is very detailed and gives specific names. She is by far the most accurate medium I have ever spoken to. I will be recommending her to family and friends. Thank you Emanuelle."
T.J.Deemer - 16-10-2018


Animal Healing
Gerald was extremely helpful, compassionate and accurate in helping my pet. I can't recommend him enough guys!
Alice J. - 23-9-2018

Healing session

Gerald is a fantastic energy healer. I had a seasion this morning and I could feel the energy moving through me.
Regina P. - 20-9-2018


My ask Emma Question
"Hi Emanuelle, I finally got round to watching your answer to my question for the August "Ask Emma", it was amazing. I knew that what I had been told was not correct because I believe in the law of attraction etc, which is why I wanted clarification about the course.. I had already come to the same conclusions that mum told me but it was nice to have it confirmed.. I feel like I am really learning to hear and follow the guidance from the other side, so to speak. This week I had been telling some clients how hard I find it to ask for help while I was talking them through the same thing and mum confirmed everything I had been saying there too. It was of great encouragement to me because I have built up a client list very quickly and am specialising in the trauma counselling and life coaching that mum said and had already decided.. no more training.. so the message really was good affirmation for me about where I am headed and clearing up questions from that reading I had. I truly thank you for being the conduit for me to get this clarity from mum.. You were so right about her always choosing words carefully and thinking before she spoke. Using all my experience etc I am helping over a 100 other Practitioners to do what I do and I am on the ride of my life, I love it."
Sue M. - 8-9-2018


Thank you 

"Good morning Emanuelle! Thank you so much for our session yesterday, you helped me so much and I'm amazed by your talent and am thankful you are sharing it with the world"
Eva C. - 6-9-2018


Thank you 

"Every amazing opportunity I have had to speak with Emanuelle McIntosh . It has been one of growth, support and encouragement. I look forward to the continued engagement with her and wish her all the success in the world, that she chooses to have. Thank-you Emanuelle many blessings!!"
Janey Clark - 30-8-2018


Ask Emma August 2018
Thank you for your channeled message dear Emanuelle. May infinite blessings fill your heart! Love, Regina
Regina - 30-8-2018


Ask Emma August 2018
"Thank you my dear and precious lady!!! How perfect that Erik and Rick came to answer this. My brother's middle name is Eric and he sends me 1111 to let me know he is with me. That is the time he left his body on 11/12/15 so it is always him speaking to me when I see it . And yes, you have now done powerful readings for 3 other family members who love and respect you and of course those on the other side love you even more"
Melody - 30-8-2018


"Emanuelle is what we call a spiritual translator . That means she s an intuitive medium and is able to speak to not only our deceased loved ones on the other side, but is able to speak to our guardian angels and can tap on our previous lifetimes for further understanding of our current lives. Finding her on the Channeling Erik website changed my life. My sessions with her have been amazing, and I have no doubt about her abilities as she has correctly identified relatives, their names, personalities and more. Just to be able to chat with my Alex has been more healing than anything else I have ever done in my life to try to remember him. Years ago I had done a previous life regression with an amazing lady that sorta hypnotized me, and I saw who I was in 6 previous lifetimes. Not sure if I imagined this stuff, I wrote on my phone the details, including names, places and years associated with them, and I only told my husband about them. Nobody else. When I asked Emma about my previous lifetimes, it was mind blowing for her to confirm that I was a nurse that died in a bombing in ww1 in Germany and a girl in Norway in the late 1700s, along with confirming I was a man in with a successful business in Boston in the late 1600s and others. Mind blown. She s the real deal. There is no doubt in my mind. My whole life I knew that Boston was someplace special. I had many deja vus about that city that started when I was a little girl. I ve never been there, yet when I see a picture of the old streets of Boston, I know it s Boston even though the picture may not say. Now I know why."
Silvia C. - 20-8-2018

Ask Emma

In the ask emma video you answered my question about moving. You channeled that we would sell our home and move to New England. Well yesterday we moved to New Hampshire!! You are amazing and he was right! Still waiting to see what the photography is all about but time will tell. You really have a gift!! Much love to you!
Lisa Estall - 20-8-2018

Blown away 

I had a coaching session with her and she new exactly what I needed to help me. I was blown away by her intuitive gifts
Benjamin - 20-8-2018

My life coaching session 

"Thank you so much Emanuelle for the Spiritual Life Coaching Session today! Lots of helpful advices and lots of great hopes!!!! And brought me a lot of awareness!"
Yoshimi from Tokyo - 18-8-2018


Life coaching session 

"Thank you so much Emanuelle you have really helped me. Such good, loving advice based on your amazing abilities. It has been such a treat and an honour to have spent an hour in your company and I go away feeling refreshed and with a new, clearer path to walk. You have taken away many of my worries and concerns and I feel healed and refreshed, ready to step into tomorrow. You have raised my vibration just by talking with you. I think 'everyone' needs a coaching session with you and am so grateful that I have been able to have one. The 'light' certainly sines from you. Blessings to you and your family. With much gratitude. Lynzie
Lynzie M. - 18-8-2018


My ask emma Question
Dear Rolling with Emma Friends, Now that I have had time to breathe, I would like to share a story of the great Emma McIntosh. I am Deborah from Pennsylvania and my Ask Emma question was answered at approximately 18:00 on Ask Emma March 2018, Part 1. Her accuracy literally brought me to my knees. Here goes: My sweet Mother's name is Dorothy. She was in fact hysterically funny (that's where I get it.) I'm sure she thought it was funny to dress as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz because, as you can see, this was my wedding photo. My husband and I were married as part of a promotional event for the opening of the Las Vegas MGM Grand casino's new Emerald City. My sweet Father's name is Dominick. I am the youngest of seven daughters, and my eldest sister Mary crossed over in August 2017. We all loved her dearly, but you could NEVER get a word in edgewise when she was around (sorry Mary, but that is an important fact ;)) For the last few years of my sister's life, she lived with her daughter and son-in-law. Her son in law's name is Brock. So my Friends, I assure you, this is the real deal. And now to you Emma: I just want you to know that you just changed lives. Nonbelievers in my circle yesterday are believers today. For 10 Euros, in less than 10 minutes. Don't change a thing. We Love You.
Debi K - 28-7-2018


Thank you
Thank you Erik for answering my question and merci beaucoup Emanuelle for your translation. Beaucoup de câlins et de bisous!
Shorin K. - 28-7-2018


My Question
Wow, Emanuelle. Thank you. We ve been considering Wilderness Survival Therapy for my son. You mention toward the end of your answer. It s comforting to hear that this would be helpful. Thank you so much for answering my questions"
BB - 28-7-2018


My daughters question
"Thank you Emanuelle and Erik for the response to my daughter Jessica s question. She is a natural artist and is also very physically attractive. Her sense of self is very much tied in with her appearance so Erik s response to her cracked me up. His answer to her question was very accurate and will give her a lot to think about."
Debra A. - 28-7-2018

I won
"I had won a free reading with Emanuelle close to a month ago. Emanuelle and I connected yesterday via Skype. It was hands down the best reading I have ever received. She is the clearest channel I have ever encountered. It doesnt hurt that Erik is both of our Guides too. Even questions that I didnt get to ask, where answered. What a gift from Spirit! Thank you Emanuelle, I am now on Team Emma"
Peggy Sue F. - 27-7-2018


"I am so blown away by the incredible accurate reading I got from Emanuelle today. Gerald even popped in to say hi. I love these two beautiful people and their girls. I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for the real deal to get on her list when it is open for readings. I will always speak highly of Emanuelle as I feel her honesty and love towards others is genuine and loving. You are the best Emanuelle and I already passed on to family and friends how you are awesome at what you do. Keep it up as you are my inspiration,,,much love from Moe"
Maureen K - 9-7-2018

Emanuelle has extraordinary abilities!!!

"A reading with Emanuelle is like having a regular conversation with my loved ones on the other side. I am beyond grateful to connect with them and know they are OK, and that they are still with me!"
Kathy Rayman - 8-7-2018


Life coaching session
"I had my second life coaching session with Emanuelle today and it was wonderful. She sees the growth in me that I feel myself and, most importantly, sees me moving into the area I feel led to pursue. I feel that I am finally following my heart s desire to be fully me. Yay! Thank you, Emanuelle, for your guidance and inspiration."
Kati C. - 7-7-2018


"I waited almost a year to have a reading with Emanuelle. I was blown away with her accuracy and ability to "bring in" people that have departed. Emanuelle told me about my angel spirit guides the names of my guides who are watching over me. She brought in my great grandmother, my grandfather, my father and other people special to me. The amazing thing is that she called my departed family members by name and they were accurate. On one occasion she was translating my father and referred to my wife and daughters names perfectly. It was like having a conversation with my departed father. I would ask a question and Emanuelle would say something like" your father says that your wife (ie. insert name here) is loving her new found retirement". How did she know that? The real kicker was she said I had a grandmother that had joined our conversation named Charlotte. I didnt understand who she was referring too? About an hour later I remembered that i had a step grandmother named Charlotte. At the time, my mother was married to a man and had a different last name than mine. Charlotte was my step fathers mother (also another name). There is absolutely no way Emanuelle could have looked this up or somehow faked this. My mother and step father were married 40 years ago and Charlotte passed away 35 years ago. Emanuelle could not have known about this. Especially since it was pre-internet. Emanuelle has a gift that is legitimate and awe inspiring. Thank you so much for finishing a conversation with my father and making me understand that we all have to account for our actions. Whether in this life or the next. I am going to try to reserve another hour for my mother that has had extreme difficulty understand her life situation. The departed can shed so much light on this type of thing and you can feel the energy she is transmitting. All the love Emanuelle. Thank you so much!"
Tripp I; - 7-7-2018


"Hi everyone. I recently won an hour Energy healing session with Gerald during the 100 anniversary of the Joy Ride Show and want to share what an amazing experience it was. It is amazing to know that him and Emma are so far away from the United States but I felt so much energy moving around through my body as he meditated. As I did my part of breathing through the process I kept feeling the energy forming in my throat area until finally before the hour was up I had no choice but to cough. I ended up having to cough 3 times and immediately the third time my throat felt clear and open like my bad energy left at that moment. I fully recommend anyone scheduling a session with him it was wonderful. Thank you again Gerald and Emanuelle for your amazing gift."
Cindy Lynne B - 7-7-2018


Thank you
"Thank you Emanuelle for the profound and accurate reading. You named everyone of my family members and blew me away with the messages. I highly recommend Emanuelle. She is an extraordinary channel! Regina from California"
Regina - 30-6-2018


Introduction into meditation 

Meditation Class Brilliant class, positive and upbeat. I especially like the exercises before meditating, that really helped to calm my monkey brain, I will definitely be encorporating that into my meditation practice.
Amanda C - 28-6-2018


Introduction class meditation 

Great class - Intro to meditation I'm fairly advanced at meditation, yet I learned many new techniques in this great "beginner" class. Suitable for all levels. I can't wait for more classes!
Judy S - 28-6-2018


Introduction to meditation 

Review for Emanuelle's meditation session Emma was amazing and this session was very informative and practical.
Sangeetha L - 28-6-2018


All about autism 

All about Autism Wow, this was such an informative class. Even though I do not have any autistic children/adults in my life at the moment I found this information invaluable. It has really made me sit back and think about how our brains work and process things, and how we all take the process for granted. The information was delivered in such an easy to understand format and all questions answered as we went along. Thank you Emanulle and Erik.
Amanda C - 28-6-2018


All about Autism 

Autism She is wonderful and has a lot of insight about this topic!
Laura B - 28-6-2018


Mediumship for beginners 

Informative and Inspirational! Emanuelle McIntosh shared many of her life experiences on her journey to being a medium. In doing so, she gave us proven methods to reprogram our thinking, banish fear, and open our awareness. The class was full of new information I had not heard elsewhere. I plan to utilize many of her suggestions and tools. So glad I participated in this class. Thank you Emanuelle!
Beverly N - 28-6-2018


Mediumship for beginners 

Great Class on the Fundamentals of Mediumship I love that Emma covered the most fundamental aspects of Mediumship beginning with self-work and ending with Step by Step exercises for opening the 3rd Eye. Great beginning class!
Cindy A. - 28-6-2018


Mediumship for Beginners 

The class was very informative. I am thankful for the opportunity to learn from someone so humble about their gifts and knowledge.
Janey C - 28-6-2018


Mediumship for beginners 

Excellent class, covered all the basics and thourghly explained why we need to raise our vibration to connect with spirit easily. And of course techniques to do this work. Looking forward to the next class.
Amanda C - 28-6-2018


Mediumship for beginners 

Always Terrific! I've found that any class that Emanuelle has is worth attending. As always I found the content of the class to be terrific!
Ken F - 28-6-2018


Mediumship for beginners 

Always Terrific! I've found that any class that Emanuelle has is worth attending. As always I found the content of the class to be terrific!
Ken F - 28-6-2018


Mediumship for beginners 

Emanuelle is Amazing!!! The class was so informative, and fun. I learned so much from this class.
Phyllis M - 28-6-2018


Mediumship for beginners 

"Off to a Great Start This was my first Learn It Live event. I was really looking forward to being able to make sense of all my "happenings". I realize that everyone develops - and learns - at a different pace, which makes it difficult to teach Mediumship in a classroom setting. I have to admit, I enjoyed learning everything Emanuelle had to share - it was for both the very new beginners and those who understand a lot already. For me, this class acted as both a catalyst and a confirmation. I'm excited to learn more and can't wait for the Intermediate one!"
Leilani - 28-6-2018


Excellent Mediumship for Beginners. 

"I highly recommend this class. It has really helped me along my journey. Can t wait for the Intermediate Mediumship class."
Karen R - 28-6-2018

Intermediate mediumship 

"Awesome Teacher This class taught me so much about how to energetically connect to spirit and tune in to what they're trying to tell me. It also helped to get answers to our questions and being able to hear what other students were encountering during their development process. It really was able to build on what I learned in the first Beginner Mediumship class. I highly recommend both classes"
Elleinnad D - 28-6-2018


Class Advanced mediumship 

"Wonderful advanced mediumship class Truly enjoyed to join you all Thanks Emanuelle for you do and share with us all!"
Elleinnad D - 28-6-2018


Advanced mediumship class 

"Excellent Teacher Emanuelle is very thorough with what she covers in her classes. She is able to break things down so that you can take notes and she always answers our questions. This class is good for people who have some mediumship abilities and want to learn more."
Jennifer K - 28-6-2018


Advanced mediumship 

"The Icing On The Cake This is the third class in a series for developing mediumship abilities. Emanuelle is an excellent, clear, and patient teacher. She's willing to share her real life experiences to make it easy for everyone to understand what they're going through and that it's "normal". She doesn't try to embellish or sugar coat it but she's such a sweet and kind teacher she makes you feel like you're the only student in the class. She also doesn't let ego get in the way of her teaching. She's very down-to-earth and approachable. I think that's what I love about her most. She's also authentic and honest. This class is about how to increase your ability to see spirit. It was the last step in my mediumship abilities. I'm still working on it but with the information I gained in this class, I'm getting better and better every day"
Leilani - 28-6-2018


Discover and manifest your true life path 1 

"Everyone needs this Class! This is the first class in a series of 6 classes. In this class Emma shares tips and clear ways of helping people to recognize the different stages of spiritual progress. She also begins the difficult task of helping others to get themselves "un-stuck" from the rut we often find ourselves in when life seems to either be going nowhere or we keep repeating the same habits over... and pver. I'm excited to keep learning more from her and I  highly recommend her to anyone who's willing to put that mirror up and brave enough to be honest with themselves so they can change what hasn't been working and do the homework necessary to make a change!"
Leilani - 28-6-2018


"Just wanted to say I had a wonderful conversation with Emanuelle and her guides during the week. I waited over a year for my appointment and have to say I was as nervous as a kitten beforehand. Thank you Emma for being so kind. I waited many years for answers to questions and I was given wonderful information and guidance to issues. Skype wouldn't work as the UAE where I live no longer allow free access to it however we just reverted to the old landline and it was still brilliant. I would definitely recommend a one on one telephone call or Skype with Emanuelle. Love and light to everyone here and a big hug to Emanuelle"
Georgina K - 11-6-2018



"Thank you dear Emmanuelle for the amazing coaching session!"
Benjamin - 11-6-2018


Life coaching session 

"Thank you Emanuelle for a great coaching chat today--you are a dear and wise girl. I'm grateful to have met you."
Michelle A. - 11-6-2018

Life changing !

"I recommend you get fully prepared for your session with Emanuelle. Have questions, and if possible - record the session. Emanuelle is gifted and truly a gift unto the world! I have always believed in spirits as part of our existence, but would have a lingering question in my mind ... that is now gone. Emanuelle is not certain who will pay a visit - but her names and details were spot on. I just listened and have EVERY confirmation that there is truly life after life and that we need to use our time here to live abundantly. Thank you Emanuelle, Erik, and my homey's :) Angels and guides, and to my mom and dad who have passed, but came to share and give their love ... I love you all more than words can express. Thank you Emanuelle! I am so blessed by your gift "
Marcy - 31-5-2018


My reading
"I just had me second reading with Emanuelle. It was comforting and just what I needed. First, she bought through a dear friend that passed away 2 years ago - and nailed the name of her kids as validation. I also heard from my father, great grandmother and Angel. So comforting to know that I am not alone and being watched over. Emanuelle is genuine, friendly, and very loving in her approach and sessions. I will be scheduling a third appointment, probably won't be until next year unless an opening frees up. Thank you Emanuelle!"
Joan Panther - 2-5-2018


"Just completed my second reading with Emanuelle and I so appreciate her precious and amazing gift. I know there are some who will attempt to discredit mediums due to their own issues. I choose to listen to MY gut and make my own decisions. What was shared with me could not have been found online anywhere by anyone. I also know the personalities of each one who has come through has been absolutely the person/s I knew in physical form. I will continue to honor and support the work you do Emanuelle McIntosh so others are encouraged to continue listening to their own hearts versus someone else's fears or doubts."
Melody - 1-4-2018


Healing session
"I just had a healing with Gerald McIntosh and I hope everybody that reads this gets one. Sharing this time with him was one of the best things I've done for myself in a long time. I felt like he really wanted to help me find more happiness and joy. It is so easy to sit back in his care and let the old stagnant energy get lifted away. I had tears running down my face within minutes. It was like a huge heavy feeling of worry and sad feelings were pulled out of my chest. Since this healing I notice a huge difference it the way I am reacting to stressful situations. Thank you Gerald from the bottom of my heart"
Christopher W. - 1-4-2018


"Had my reading with Emanuelle after waiting a year - she's so worth it! Anyway, she is one of the clearest channelers I have ever met. Yesterday, she said my Uncle George came in, and for the life of me I couldn't remember an uncle by that name. I know my family well! Then she said, "Let me ask further," since I was so confused. He said he went by Robert, Robert, Jr since my grandfather is George, Sr. I totally busted up later when it hit me it was my UNCLE BOB, my father's brother. We never called him Robert!! Anyway, my husband was a true believer after listening to that. She was spot on. Emanuelle, you are truly a gift to the world! Never lose your heart! Thanks again, and I'd love for you to visit New England someday in my little cottage by the sea!"
Deborah - 1-4-2018


"Thank-you! thank-you! thank-you! Emma for my reading yesterday evening. You are such a special entity! Everything you said was so spot on! My mind was blown when you started to mimic both my daughter and mother (who have not passed)! You described all of our personalities so precisely!! I'm not sure if this has happened to others who have had a reading with you? Afterwards I felt like I was on cloud 9 , still do. Including feeling like every cell in my body was either rebooting or waking up! That sort of energy is just out of this world. I loved how you showed me what Erik was doing, a facial expression we use in my culture, which was just hilarious!! You could tell, you had no idea why he was doing it, but I got it straight away!! It was just so much fun and joy experiencing this with you. Now with this amazing information I will step into who I know myself to be and also support my beautiful children as Erik and my own guides have suggested. Blessings to you beautiful Emanuelle McIntosh, until next time, Ka nui te aroha kia koe e hoa xxx"
Janey C. - 1-4-2018


My message from my mom from the other side.
"I just want to start by thanking Emma for an amazing experience. So thank you very much. My wife and our boys were blown away at how you were able to talk to our Mom just like she was right there beside you and how you named all of our names even our older sons name which is not a common name but you said it perfectly. We know now that mom is perfectly fine with her family and she is free of all of her suffering that she went through for so long on this earth. Also that she will take care of Dad everyday until they meet again, we Love you Ma and you will always be in our hearts until we see you again. Peace and Love to you Emma and may the Creator keep blessing you and your family everyday. Take care and lots of love. Randy, Tammy, Chayton, Kolton and Cheyenne Klyne"
Randy Klyne - 22-3-2018


Ask Emma
You answered my question about moving. You channeled that we would sell our home and move to New England. Well yesterday we moved to New Hampshire!! You are amazing and he was right! Still waiting to see what the photography is all about but time will tell. You really have a gift!! Keep strong and keep doing what you are doing. Much love to you!"
Lisa Estall - 21-3-2018


"Beyond words. Emmanuel is an amazing human being and a great channel."
Homayun Gardezy - 5-3-2018


"I've found Emmanuelle to be an authentic and amazing channeler. She's the real deal, and still reasonably priced!"
Sharron Pollock - 5-3-2018


My session
"Emanuelle is caring, authentic and truthful as well as very talented in her field. I trust her and she is the real deal
Jennifer Chapin Chambers - 5-3-2018


"Emanuelle is one of the best channelers I have come across globally. She has integrity is genuine in her delivery and sincere in her care for humanity. Its very obvious to me that she has a very close connection to Source. Well done Emanuelle for being brave."
Anna Andreoni - 5-3-2018


"I had the most incredible reading of my life with Emanuelle. She brought through family and beloved neighbors and knew all of their names (including one still living neighbor's wife name!!). Emanuelle is articulate and her speed-of-delivery is excellent; jam packed full of information/communication. I am no stranger to medium readings and Emanuelle delivers two or three times the amount of information compared to other vetted, known mediums. I don't think many mediums can compete with Emanuelle's gift, her intelligence and her keen sensibility. I feel very, very blessed to have had a session with her."
Julie Wilson - 5-3-2018


"Hi Emanuelle,I had a two-hour session with you on October 14 of this year. I just wanted to thank you again for all that you brought through from my archangels and relatives. I have had many other sessions before yours, even one with George Anderson, who as you may know is considered one of the world's best mediums. I want you to know, however, that as far as I am concerned, absolutely no one has ever even come close to your ability. The reason I picked you over other mediums is because I could see your ability as a medium was so much better than all other previous mediums on CE, and I could sense your honesty."
Greg K - 3-3-2018


"Dear Emanuelle, You are beyond extraordinary! I am still reeling ... on one hand just stunned at all the names you mentioned of folks very close and quite distant to my life. I'm still trying to process that magic and majesty of our time together. I am just very, very moved.I love your style of reading. Honestly, I had not given a lot of thought to specific questions and was hoping for a r