Hello everyone and welcome to my website. My name is Emanuelle McIntosh and I am an internationally known intuitive medium, spiritual  life coach and meditation teacher in the Sakyamuni Spiritual Center in Heule Belgium. Together with  my husband Gerald McIntosh, an amazing energy healer, we started the Sakyamuni Spiritual Center with the dream to teach people of all ages how we can heal ourselves, find peace and happiness  by introducing a wholeness and mindful way of living into our daily lives and by reawakening the spiritual awareness inside yourself.



It all started when I was a little girl. I noticed that I was very sensitive to other peoples energy and their feelings. I knew what their problems were before they even told me and that would help me to understand how I could help them. Sometimes when I would be alone in my bedroom or any other room I felt like I wasn't the only one there , like I was being watched and that scared me. So much so that I blocked that awareness of spirits for a long time. Later on in life as a was struggling to pursue a “normal” daily life I found it hard to feel good about my job and life as I felt like I was not doing what I was supposed to do. I started looking into Buddhism and began my spiritual journey. I began helping my friends and colleagues finding their paths using Tarot card readings and discovered that helping people made me happy. As I became more and more in tune with myself I started receiving images in my head and hearing thoughts that didn't seem to be mine.

Then one day I somehow ended up on a channeling Erik Youtube video and that changed my life. I started understanding the spiritual world and started getting pranked by Erik Medhus, a spiritual guide/teacher to people all over the world. During my meditations he started reaching out to me and he helped me to get over my fears and doubts and helped me to get in touch with myself again. With the help of Erik's my husband and I finally put our fears and doubts aside and  followed our hearts and started our own meditation and mindfulness center. Now Erik guides us and helps us to help our customers with their readings, meditation classes and coaching.

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